ASUW Elections

January 29, 2016

Want to Make a Change?

Did you know that all members of the Associated Students of the University of Washington are eligible to use the initiative process to place initiatives and amendments to the ASUW Constitution on the general election ballot!

Initiative & Constitutional Amendment Requirements:

  • All initiatives and constitutional amendments must be certified by the Office of the Registrar to have signatures equal to five percent of the ASUW membership in favor of placing the initiative on the ballot.
  • The wording of initiatives amending the constitution must be approved by ASUW Judicial Committee and by the Board of Directors before the collection of signatures.
  • Initiatives amending the constitution can only be placed on the General Election ballot after a majority vote by the Board of Directors.


  • ASUW Constitutional Amendment: Submit petition to the ASUW Judicial Committee by 5:00pm on March 28th, 2016
  • Ballot Initiatives: Petitions must be submitted to the ASUW Judicial Committee by 5:00pm on March 28th, 2016. (Petitions submitted after deadline will be placed on the ballot of the General election if determined by the Judicial Committee Chair that the Registrar can satisfactorily complete the certification process time.)