Alex Schroeder

Alexandra Schroeder

Hi everyone! I am so thrilled to be running to be your next Director of Community Relations! In this position, I will be a strong advocate for the marginalized students in RCSA and Greek organization groups to ensure that their voices are heard on our campus. In my role, I will continue to combat oppression in our campus communities, specifically focusing on sexual assault and its impacts within our on and off campus housing. I am uniquely qualified to tackle this through my experience as a Sexual Assault and Relationships Activist Intern as well as through my experience as current Vice President of Community Engagement for Panhellenic. Following through on these goals I will specifically work to do the following:

  • Create additional transparency measures with UWPD, SPD and the North of 45th committee for students living north of campus
  • Work with RCSA, Panhellenic and IFC to implement broad trainings on sexual assault and bystander prevention
  • Support student athletes in working for fair compensation and ensuring a complete access to education
  • Increase outreach efforts to ensure international students within the dorm communities are introduced to and have access to ASUW
  • Ensure the accessibility of campus resources for commuter and transfer students


Panhellenic Association Vice President Community Engagement
Greeks Take Action Steering Committee Board Member
SARVA ASUW Senate Intern


  • Bengali Students Association
  • Black Student Union
  • Pi Kappa Phi
  • ASL Club at UW
  • Alpha Phi
  • Delta Delta Delta
  • Interfraternity Council
  • Kappa Alpha Theta
  • Kappa Sigma
  • Students for Bernie at UW