Alexander Peterson

Running for President


  • ASUW Senate Liaison to the Office of Government Relations Legislative Steering Committee (2016-2018)
  • RSO Appointee to the HUB Board of Representatives and Chair of the Office Space Subcommittee (2017-Present)
  • Elected Chairman of the Washington State Legislative Youth Advisory Council (2016)

Expenditures: $269.60




Throughout my time at UW, I have committed myself to engaging constructively with others of different backgrounds, faiths, and ideologies while working to understand the ways through which lasting change occurs at the administrative level, providing me the perspective necessary to champion issues that students truly care about. This has led to my involvement in several key aspects of the campus community, including the Services and Activities Fee Committee, the ASUW Office of Government Relations, the HUB Board of Representatives, the Student Council on Insurance, and an RSO I co-founded. Beyond the skills necessary to serve this community effectively, my own personal experiences navigating campus resources, and lack of resources, has fueled a core passion for student advocacy. I believe I am uniquely positioned to engage with the university administration, local and state policymakers, and students across campus to transform the ASUW into a relevant, meaningful, accessible, and empowering association for all of us.

Action Items:

  • Engage with the University Provost and academic departments to ensure that Direct-to-College admissions programs do not disproportionately disadvantage low-income students and those of marginalized identities. Without access to well-funded resources in high school, these students may face structural disadvantages as competitive departments transition to the DTC model.   
  • Collaborate with the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Activists (SARVA) and other community stakeholders to more substantially support victims/survivors while also increasing university-wide participation in bystander training.
  • Work with the Student Disability Commission, Disability Resources for Students, and other campus stakeholders to enhance the wider accessibility of the university through a dedicated lens of accessibility toward campus infrastructure, classrooms, programming, and media.
  • Advocate for student interests at the local and state level, working with policymakers to address the rapidly rising cost of living and lack of affordable housing, enhance student safety, and increase state-level funding for key financial aid programs.
  • Collaborate with Hall Health, the Student Health Consortium, and the Division of Student Life to bring an affordable, comprehensive, and culturally competent student health insurance program.
  • Work with the Counseling Center to construct a more sustainable and effective funding model that can alleviate the chronic deficit of counseling staff.
  • Promote a healthier campus culture by working with the ASUW Director of Programming, Diversity Commissions, the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity, Greek Life, and the Carlson Center to increase opportunities for meaningful interaction with those of different backgrounds, lived experiences, faiths, ideologies, and cultures.