Andre Menchavez

Running For Diversity Efforts


  • Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Junior Editor and UW Campus Ambassador (2017-Present)
  • ASUW UW Leaders (2018-Present)
  • International Student Mentorship Program Mentor (2018-Present)

Expenditures: $176.05


Chi Sigma Alpha, WEGET MAGAZINE, Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc.


As the Director of Diversity Efforts, I will push beyond merely promoting diversity and instead ensure that diversity is a worldview through which all decisions are made. Working closely and extensively with marginalized communities both on and off campus has given me vital perspective on how much more both I and ASUW as a whole can do to alleviate the burden of underrepresentation and exclusion on campus.

Action Items:

  • Utilize the ASUW’s resources to support and engage with cultural RSOs and their various events that serve as major contributors of diversity on campus.
  • Implement initiatives across campus to promote intersectional cultural identities by working collaboratively with the Joint Commissions Committee, RSO presidents, Greek Life leaders, and other community stakeholders.
  • Address diversity beyond the student body and use my platform to advocate for greater minority representation among university staff and faculty.
  • Using the framework of the OMA&D Mentor Power for Success program, I will work as a liaison between OMA&D and ASUW to connect students from diverse backgrounds with job/internship/educational opportunities.
  • Collaborate with the UW Leaders program to ensure diversity of those who learn and lead within it, helping secure diversity of future leaders on campus.