ASUW Elections

Angelia Miranda

Running for Director of University Affairs



ASUW Admin. Assistant Personnel Director 2017-present

ASUW Senator

Immigration/Outreach Intern Senator Patty Murray 2016-17


Expenditures: $175.36




Our university is strengthened when voices of marginalized students are represented and heard. As Director of University Affairs, I will advocate for the inclusion of all student voices, emphasize transparency and accountability, and remove barriers to success to create a more cohesive campus.


Action Items:

  • Appoint students representing diverse and inclusive perspectives to Student Advisory Councils, Faculty Councils, and University Committees.
  • Advocate for campus policies supporting commuter and transfer students, underrepresented communities, and those who have taken non-traditional paths to university.
  • Increase student involvement in policy decisions by creating outreach programs to engage students outside the ASUW.
  • Prioritize inclusion of underrepresented voices during lobbying efforts in Olympia.
  • Collaborate with Senate Leadership to better inform senators regarding legislation on academic and administrative affairs.
  • Work with Faculty Senate and Councils to provide support for students pursuing high-demand majors by utilizing effective enrollment management and ensuring equity and access for all students.
  • Collaborate with the ASUW Office of Government Relations to lobby for expanding financial aid opportunities to reduce the financial burden on marginalized students.
  • Partner with ASUW Commissions to advocate for better classroom accessibility and institutional support for students facing barriers such as the Hardship Withdrawal Process.