ASUW Elections

ASUW Director of Campus Partnerships

  1. The Director of Campus Partnerships, who shall:
    1. Serve as the Board of Directors liaison to the University Bookstore and nominate volunteers to serve as ASUW representatives to the University Bookstore Board of Trustees by using the ASUW Open Selection Process in coordination with current trustees;
    2. Oversee the maintenance and fundraising of the Husky Pride Fund, which will include:
      1. Advertising the fund;
      2. Creating and implementing means for raising money for the fund;
      3. Maintaining the Husky Pride Fund t-shirt program through the University Bookstore;
      4. Continuing the change collection program; and
      5. Submitting a report of all collections and expenditures of the fund to the ASUW Board of Directors no later than the final week of each academic quarter.
    3. Serve as the ASUW liaison to the UW Police Department; which will include:
      1. Serving as the ASUW representative or appointing a proxy to the Emergency Management Committee, when needed; and
      2. Serving as the Chair of the Student Safety Advisory Board.
    4. Serve as the ASUW liaison to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards;
    5. Serve as the ASUW liaison to Parent & Family Programs;
    6. Serve as the ASUW representative to the On Campus Building Committee;
    7. Serve as the ASUW representative to the City/University Community Advisory Committee;
    8. Serve as the ASUW liaison to Hall Health, Health and Wellness, and the UW Counseling Center;
    9. Serve as a member of the Student Health Insurance Review Committee, Hall Health Advisory Committee, Counseling Center Advisory Board, and Health and Wellness Council or appoint individual volunteer proxies to serve as the ASUW representative to these committees by using the ASUW Open Selection Process;
    10. Serve as the ASUW liaison to the IMA and UW Recreational Sports Programs;
    11. Serve on the Student U-Pass Advisory Board;
    12. Appoint at-large student representatives to the following committees through the Open Selection Process;
      1. Student Safety Advisory Board
      2. U-Pass Advisory Board
      3. University Transportation Committee
      4. Campus Sustainability Fund
      5. Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee
    13. Work with liaison entities to develop goals and strategies for the year to develop a set of specific benchmarks and metrics to measure their successes, and report to the Board of Directors on programs’ levels of progress in achieving these benchmarks;
  2. Each year, during Autumn and Winter quarters, the Board of Directors shall consult with the Director of Internal Policy and the Judicial Committee about possible changes to Article I.
  3. No changes shall be made to the ASUW Bylaws without a recommendation from the Judicial Committee and a ¾ vote of the voting members of the Board of Directors.