ASUW Elections

Ava Sharifi


Running for President


Leg. Intern Sen. Bernie Sanders Autumn 2017

Event/Outreach Coordinator for Middle Eastern Student Commission Spring 2017

ASUW Senator 2016-present


Expenditures: $177.23




  • I will create an online inquiry form to hear the legislative concerns of the student body to improve student-lobbying efforts. Overall, I would be the student body’s activist by making frequent trips to Olympia to speak on legislation that may affect our communities on campus.
  • I would like to bring resources to bridge the divide between ASUW and students. This includes organizing regular Town Halls that are open to all students to bring up their concerns or ask any questions.
  • I intend to hold administration and entities such as HFS and Student Fiscal Services accountable to their word and ensuring that these entities do not overlook student opinion. This includes creating protections for students concerning finances and scholarship funding.
  • As your ASUW President, I want to work closely with the diversity commissions within ASUW+ to successfully push their platforms forward to the administration to better serve our underrepresented communities.

I want to make the ASUW more accessible by committing to a “Board of Directors Tour”, which includes going to student organizations, RSOs, etc. to understand what the ASUW can do better for them. Having better-informed students about the resources and opportunities ASUW provides will empower students to engage with the ASUW when they have a concern.