Brianna Asman

Running For Campus Partnerships


  • Lead Intern for SARVA (Sexual Assault and Relationship Activist) 2018 – 2019
  • Certified Self Defense Instructor through the U.S. Martial Arts Center 2014 – Present
  • Intern for Denny Heck’s Congressional Campaign 2016

Expenditures: $168.51


Alpha Chi Omega, Young Democrats at the University of Washington


I believe a Director of Campus partnerships should hold two ideals paramount, transparency and visibility. Students deserve easy and accessible information regarding their safety. I have personally felt unsafe and disconnected after hearing secondhand about dangerous incidents around UW. I will make resources on campus more visible to all, interconnecting UW’s entities and increasing interactions between resources and students.

Action Items:

  • Extend contact with RSOs to include heads of major departments, who are often overlooked when student opinion is gathered.
  • Continue to promote and build up the Husky Stories Initiative that allows for students to share their unique triumphs and struggles.
  • Work with Community Relations to advocate for introducing mental health and emotional counseling training for resident advisors so they can better interact with their residents who experience traumatic events.
  • Relay information gained from meetings with different ASUW entities through an ASUW newsletter to allow for informed discussions to take place on campus.
  • Support the Husky Pride Funds’ shift towards eradicating homelessness and make advertising and increasing funding a priority.
  • Encourage First Year Programming to illuminate resources available to students so a comprehensive knowledge of bus systems, mental health facilities, and safety procedures accumulate over the course of their time at UW.