Cameron Tarzaban

Running for Diversity Efforts


  • Currently serving as the Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion for the University of Washington Panhellenic Association
  • Student Teacher for students with disabilities with Theater of Possibility
  • UW Leaders member from the 2017 cohort

Expenditures: $168.51


Alpha Chi Omega, Chi Omega, Young Democrats at the University of Washington


As your Director of Diversity Efforts, I will be committed to furthering progressive dialogue on campus while remaining transparent and inclusive with students. I want to advocate for those traditionally marginalized while simultaneously spreading awareness of resources to create a more unified UW community.

Action Items:

  • Connect with OMA&D to find creative new ways to increase awareness towards current resources for students while allowing more student feedback involving these assets.
  • Work with the Joint Commission Committee to find room for joint programming to foster intersectional connections among underrepresented students.
  • Engage with the ASUW Director of University Affairs to ensure systemic change is being made towards inclusive academic processes.
  • Empower students to have increased opportunities for safe space dialogue by connecting with OMA&D, the SAB, and JCC.
  • Promote the Joint Commission Committee’s programming through monthly bulletins to connect students and faculty
  • Ensure students who are international and undocumented are protected and advocated for on all levels.
  • Continue the efforts to ensure the University is extending/enhancing accommodations for students with disabilities alongside DRS and the Student Disability Commission.
  • Educate students upon inclusive language, encouraging advocacy, and how to be an active bystander and ally.