Camille Hattwig

Running For Vice President


  • Public Policy Intern for the ASUW Student Disability Commission 2018- present
  • ASUW Senate Liaison to Finance & Budget Committee 2018 – Present
  • Peer Health Educator 2018-Present

Expenditures: $88.03


Best Buddies, Black Student Union, Alpha Phi International Fraternity – Sigma Chapter, Huskies for NARAL – Pro Choice Washington, Zeta Psi Fraternity


As Vice President, I will strive to represent all students in our organization. In order to do so, I plan to work on three main issues during my term; increasing accessibility of ASUW, creating a healthy, sustainable culture within ASUW, and bridging the divide between the ASUW JCC commissions and Board of Directors. In my position as Student Disability Commission Public Policy Intern, I wrote and passed a bill informing next year’s board to create a task force to review the possibility of creating the Office of Inclusive Design (OID), which would work to make ASUW accessible for all students. If elected, I would chair this task force, and use my experience on the Finance & Budget committee to continue the work I am currently doing to improve ASUW. Additionally, I will utilize my experience in JCC to bridge the divide between JCC and the Board of Directors. While fostering collaboration and connection, I will also strive to create a more sustainable office culture within ASUW, specifically within JCC, as my training as a Peer Health Educator has given me the skills to do so.

Action Items:

  • Improve accessibility within ASUW using my experience within the disabled community.
  • Implement remote access methods for employee trainings so that everyone may participate regardless of physical attendance.
  • Create trainings to address communication, sexual harassment, microaggressions, accessibility, and hiring discrimination.
  • Collaborate with Director of Diversity efforts and Personnel Director to set community standards at the beginning of the year.
  • Attend weekly JCC meetings to foster a stronger connection, collaboration, and trust between JCC and Board.
  • Work with the Personnel Director to design a nondiscriminatory, inclusive, accessible hiring process next spring.
  • Provide a biweekly, comprehensive report from the Board of Directors to entity directors so their communities may be more aware of the Board’s activities.