ASUW Elections

Carly Bainbridge

Running for Director of Community Relations


Intern ASUW Director University Affairs 2016-17

Chapter rep. Junior Panhellenic Council 2017-present

PR Mgr, Membership Chair, future VP Rotaract Club 2016-present

Expenditures: $128.13



-I hope to bridge the gap between on-campus involvement and Greek communities by hosting joint events and encouraging participation with one another.

-I hope to integrate the athletic student community into more on-campus activities by making ASUW events more accessible to athletes. Also, I would like to visit athletic teams to hear their concerns and to better understand what the ASUW can do for them.

-As a liaison to campus organizations, I hope to relay the concerns of our communities through the ASUW Student Senate. Also, I would like to include students who are not already involved in Student Senate to voice their opinions on issues they are passionate about.

-I hope to work with RCSA and First Year Programs to increase the involvement of recent transfers, freshmen, and other on-campus residents in student-led activities. This can be accomplished by extending the hours of ASUW events, varying the locations of these events, and expanding outreach projects to talk about issues that directly impact various UW communities.

-I hope to create a relationship between current students and the UW Alumni Association by hosting networking events and facilitating the sharing of resources for career and professional development.