Daniella Calasanz Miño

Running For Programming


  • ASUW Director of Programming intern 2018-19
  • Campus Activities Board event coordinator at South Puget Sound Community College 2016-17
  • Co-President/Treasurer of the Latinx Student Union at South Puget Sound Community College 2016

Expenditures: $179.49


Alpha Chi Omega, Young Democrats at the University of Washington


As Director of Programming, my goal is to be a compassionate leader who uses my experiences from both in and outside of ASUW to mobilize RSO’s and ASUW entities to collaborate with one another and reach our shared aspirations. These aspirations include, but are not limited to, diversity and inclusion in everything we do, an open and collaborative atmosphere on campus, and a commitment to putting student’s best interests first.

Action Items:

  • Respect the autonomy of established communities on campus while still striving for a cohesive UW community.
  • Email RSO’s monthly newsletters to help promote programming and knowledge of the various on-campus resources available.
  • Coordinate annual RSO Leaders Summit with an emphasis on collaboration, learning, and authentic, compassionate leadership skills.
  • Maintain student’s interests at the forefront of our events in order to engage students and bring enthusiasm to events.
  • Assist the Husky Pride Fund in their goal to support students experiencing and at risk for homelessness through an open dialogue with vulnerable student populations to establish and address basic needs.
  • Ensure that ASUW works together to create student-centered and inclusive programming drawing on my personal experiences as an OMA&D student at the UW.