Elections Administration Committee

Deepika Bhattarai

Hi UW, my name is Deepika Bhattarai. I am running for director of diversity efforts. I plan to graduate with a BS in Real Estate, with a minor in Computational Finance. I am Nepali, born and raised in Myanmar/Burma. Just to give you a little background on where I am from, Myanmar is a country that is currently revolting against an oppressive, racist, and fascist dictatorship. Being a small minority living under an oppressive rule, I have lived everyday silenced and caged from expressing my opinions. Living through this I experience what everyone feels when you don’t have a group on campus that you feel belonged to or can represent you. I strongly believe that representation matters, and ASUW needs to include the historically marginalized communities to make sure voices are heard. So, I want to be the voice for the ones who are a little in between two groups, one group, or no group at all. I strongly believe I fit this candidate role as I am one of the minorities without a voice to represent me.


Senator on a finance committee, so have experience with being on an associate student board.

Vice President of a Burmese Student Organization

Peer mentor

Organization Membership

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

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