Shawntel Bali












As your ASUW Director of Community Relations, I will promote campus unity by listening, responding to, and amplifying underrepresented voices to increase awareness of each community’s needs and impact on the university as a whole.


  • Ensure that Greek Community Diversity Chairs are well trained on educating their respective chapters by connecting them to OMAD and ECC resources.
  • Eliminate communication barriers in the Student Advisory Board by enacting a regular action and resolution update from administration.
  • Establish a monthly forum in which members from various living and cultural communities can voice concerns to the ASUW Board of Directors.


  • Partner with the UW Alumni Association in marketing the Homecoming Scholarship to increase applicants from underrepresented communities.
  • Create initiatives that connect student-athletes and non-student athletes in their respective living communities.
  • Organize frequent programs and opportunities for cultural RSOs to collaborate through ASUW Commissions.


  • Advocate for the representation of minority students in Greek Communities by measuring and communicating the demographics of their student population.
  • Work with the ASUW Director of Programming to encourage RSOs to be commuter and transfer student friendly.
  • Institute an easily accessible, interconnected resource bank across different campus communities in order to address common group issues.