Kendra Canton












My name is Kendra Canton and if elected as your Director of Diversity Efforts, I am determined to work cross-campus to implement means of transparency and accessibility of resources for underrepresented groups.



  • Work with OMAD to create college readiness programs for underrepresented high school students in preparation for academic success
  • Work with the Joint Commission Committee to create accessible resources to expand recruitment and involvement of underrepresented group within ASUW.
  • Collaborate with ASUW Director of Academic and Administrative Affairs to implement an equitable systematic process to ensure underrepresented groups receive equal opportunity in competitive majors.



  • Work with FYP to create diversity requirement within their curriculum
  • Create monthly Joint Commission Committee newspaper that is distributed across campus to ensure students and faculty are educated about issues within diverse communities.
  • Create quarterly diversity training curriculum for faculty that focuses on providing cross-cultural opportunities for students.




  • Devise plan with administration to remodel and improve the resources of the Instructional Center
  • Create ASUW specific programming to recognize the celebration of OMAD’s 50th Anniversary
  • Work with International and Undocumented students to ensure their voices and perspectives are actively heard.