Bo Goodrich












As your Director of Internal Policy, I will advocate for equitable access and transparency within ASUW by leading positive institutional change and by provisioning additional resources for underrepresented groups.


-Advocate to lower the Student Registration Accounts System (STAR) fundraising petition signature requirement to provide registration fundraising opportunities to students in more communities

-Ensure the success of ASUW entity and commission Senators by providing trainings and supplemental resources throughout the year

-Provide explanatory resources to ensure that ASUW policies, policy changes, and major record updates are accessible to all students


-Collaborate with Senate Leadership to establish standard operating procedures for Senate legislation follow-up within ASUW

-Increase the flow of information between GPSS and ASUW to better coordinate efforts and increase co-understanding

-Strengthen Internal ASUW entity engagement by reevaluating the utilization and structure of quarterly reports


-Diversify the voices within ASUW by reviewing all ASUW Bylaws to recover unfilled protected seats and provide resources to get those groups re-involved

-Partner with the Elections Administration Committee to increase elections outreach and resource provision to communities that have been underrepresented in past elections

-Restructure the ASUW WIKI to ensure that each entity has their own voice in establishing their legacy