Ian O’Keefe












The most important thing students can do is find a community at this university. As a member of the Greek community, I value my relationships with other students above all else. I will bring this perspective to ASUW.



  • Promote ASUW and RSO events via biweekly newsletters to encourage awareness of campus-wide, student-organized programming.
  • Eliminate the gap between RSOs detached from ASUW by hosting quarterly workshops with RSO officers.
  • Create a monologue-style event, in conjunction with the Counseling Center and Hall Health, for students to share experiences regarding mental health.



  • Coordinate with the ASUW Director of Diversity Efforts, diversity commissions, and cultural RSOs to implement intersectional programs for students.
  • Collaborate with the Commuter and Transfer Commons and commuter-specific RSOs to create programs that match their interests and schedules.
  • Plan W Day with UW Marketing and First Year Programs while emphasizing community building.



  • Work with the ASUW Director of Campus Partnerships to implement programs focused on student mental health, and physical safety.
  • Ensure student safety and freedom of speech are upheld during programming funded by the Special Appropriations Committee.
  • Partner with the ASUW Communications Director to market ASUW entity programs, gauging campus-wide student interest in artists and shows.