Director of University Affairs

ASUW Bylaws Section 7(J)(3):

3. The Director of University Affairs, who shall:

a. Serve as the Association representative to no more than five of the following entities;

1. All College, School, or Dean Student Advisory Councils;

2. All Faculty Councils and their subcommittees except for the Councils on Multicultural Affairs and Women in Academia (see Article VI, Section 1A, 10);

3. All University committees relevant to the jurisdiction of academic and administrative affairs, advisory or otherwise, which receive student representatives;

4. All similar entities external to the Association at the discretion of the Association President;  

b. The remaining entities from (b) shall have an ASUW representative that is either a Director of University Affairs intern or volunteer chosen through the Open Selection Process;

c. Oversee and liaison to the Office of Government Relations;

d. Initiate, coordinate, and oversee cooperative lobbying and civic engagement efforts between the Association and relevant student government entities at partnered institutions, as part of the Director’s oversight of and liaisonship to the Office of Government Relations;

e. Serve as a member of the Senate Steering Committee without vote, and work with members of the Student Senate to ensure that appropriate actions are pursued towards fulfilling recommendations delineated by Senate resolutions related to faculty, administrative, and academic affairs;

f. Serve as a Board of Directors liaison to the Legislative Steering Committee;

g. Serve as an ex-officio member of the Provost’s Advisory Committee for Students, and appoint all other Association representatives to this committee through Open Selection process in coordination with the President;

h. Appoint at-large student representatives to the following committees through the Open Selection Process:

1. Provost’s Advisory Committee for Students, in consultation with the ASUW President

2. ASUW Legislative Steering Committee, in coordination with the Office of Government Relations

i. Serve as the ASUW liaison to the UW Sponsorship Advisory Committee;

j. Coordinate when necessary with the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS), especially the GPSS University Affairs Director, on University-wide budgeting, academic, and administrative issues, and the GPSS Vice President of External Affairs, on issues relating to the legislature or city government;

k. Work with liaison entities to develop goals and strategies for the year to develop a set of specific benchmarks and metrics to measure their successes, and report to the Board of Directors on programs’ levels of progress in achieving these benchmarks; and

l. Work with the Personnel Director to resolve conflicts and job description issues with liaison employees. If needed, work with them to recommend necessary sanctions or other corrective action according to the ASUW Personnel Policy.