Navid Azodi

Our university struggles with providing accessible and equitable opportunities for underrepresented students. My goal as ASUW Director of Academic and Administrative Affairs is to challenge administration to cultivate a campus community built on trust, transparency, and reduced bureaucracy.


  • Advocate for greater representation of marginalized communities within Student Advisory Councils
  • Refine the hardship withdrawal process and other processes that make it difficult for non-traditional students to succeed
  • Showcase diverse student stories during lobbying efforts in Olympia


  • Work with Deans, Faculty Committees, and College Councils to focus academic curriculum on quality of experience rather than quantity of content
  • Modernize current technology on campus by coordinating with UW-IT to enhance the tuition and financial aid process
  • Ensure money allocated in the Provost Reinvestment Fund be distributed to student-centric projects


  • Partner with the ASUW Office of Government Relations to lobby for improved tuition affordability, not just for in-state students, but out-of-state, international, and undocumented students
  • Increase transparency of coursework by encouraging faculty to make class syllabi available to students during registration
  • Collaborate with the ASUW Director of Diversity Efforts to limit bias in majors admission, and push for a holistic review process, especially in competitive majors