Elections Violations

Elections Violations

Election complaints can now be accessed online! If you think an elections violation has occurred and wish to file a complaint, open the online complaint form, fill it out, and then submit in person to Rene Singleton in SAO in HUB 232.

Complaint Form

>>You can attach no more than two photos of the alleged violation, and will be asked to provide information regarding it.

>>You will be explained the process in which your complaint will be heard by the ASUW Judicial Committee.

Each candidate is responsible for checking the bulletin board outside the Student Activities Office to see if any complaints have been filed against them.

Below you can find the Election Complaint process as stated in 2019 Elections Policies and Procedures:

Section X: Complaints

  1. The filer of a complaint is designated the “complainant.”
  2. The ability, reason, and the methods for filing a complaint must be advertised on the ballot.
  3. Complaints may allege a violation by one or more of: (1) the EAC, (2) an entity of the ASUW, (3) any candidate or group of candidates, or (4) any ballot measure advocate. The alleged violator is the “respondent.”
  4. Complaints must be submitted in-person to the designated Advisor in the SAO office and confirmed in writing by the complainant with the appropriate SAO adviser before the Complaint Deadline. Upon such confirmation, the complaint is considered filed, and the date and time of such will be recorded by the SAO.
  5. All complaints must be made in legible writing on forms adopted by the EAC, which will be provided by SAO. Any such form must include:
    1. The identity of the complainant and respondents.
    2. A citation to the specific rule alleged to be violated.
    3. The alleged facts which constitute a violation of the cited rule, including the date, time, and place of the alleged violation, if applicable.
    4. Contact information for any known witnesses of the facts alleged.
    5. The complainant’s signature.
    6. Optionally, written or photographic evidence appended to the form or given by URL.
  6. Complaints which fail to comply with the procedures of this Section may be dismissed by the Judicial Committee at the time of the complaint’s hearing, even if such dismissal is not requested by either party.
  7. Complaints naming affiliates of a candidate, group of candidates, or ballot measure advocate may be submitted, but must be amended to name specific candidates or ballot measure advocates before being considered officially filed. The EAC may make such amendments with consent of the complainant.

For additional information regarding Elections Violations please contact the Elections Administration Committee Chair at asuwvote@uw.edu or refer to the 2018 Elections Policies and Procedures.