ASUW Elections

Erik Nielsen

Running for Director of Internal Policy


Council Director Poplar/Alder Halls 2016-present

ASB President Bishop Blanchett High School 2015-16

Member RCSA 2016-present

Expenditures: $128.13



-In conjunction with the Office of Communications, I plan to completely integrate websites of all ASUW commissions and offices into the primary website so that anyone can easily see what ASUW has to offer. Right now, the systems are separate from the main website, and through integration, we will be able to increase awareness and outreach to all ASUW entities.
-The ASUW produces records of all committee, Senate, and board meetings; however, these are incredibly dense and difficult to understand. I intend on requiring published summaries of each meeting as a companion to minutes, along with summaries of the bylaws and constitution. Also, I will create a new “About ASUW” page on the website to increase campus awareness about various ASUW entities.
-The bylaws of ASUW are massive, and when coupled with the other ordinances and rules which govern all of the entities within our organization, the red-tape becomes overwhelming. To alleviate this and reduce the barriers people face when engaging with ASUW, I will conduct a full audit of every rule and regulation within the organization and submit any necessary revisions at the end of the year.