ASUW Elections

Espen Scheuer

Running For Vice President


Chair Campus Sustainability Fund 2016-present

Provost Advisory Committee for Students 2017-present

Program Manager Rising Sun Energy Summer 2017


Expenditures: $216.05





Campaign Platform

As Vice President I will ensure ASUW is a resource for all students by making it more inclusive, transparent, and cohesive. I will dedicate my time as chief internal officer to ensuring that the organization runs efficiently and fully represents our diverse student body. From my work as Chair of the Campus Sustainability Fund and time on the Provost Advisory Committee for Students I understand the context the ASUW operates within, and from my past managerial experience I understand how to maximize internal productivity. I look forward to the challenge of creating an organizational culture that is diverse, productive, and collaborative, and in doing so, transforming ASUW into the voice for students I know it has the capacity to be.


Action Items:

  • Commit to spending at least ¼ of my office hours in the ASUW+ office, and  encourage other board members do the same to ensure that both offices feel represented by the Board.
  • Work with the Office of Outreach and Involvement to increase ASUW internships, resulting in more high quality learning experiences for volunteers.
  • Encourage Board members to regularly attend entity events to demonstrate support, appreciation, and representation by Board.
  • Increase the frequency of Board Member check-ins to ensure personal and professional accountability.  
  • Establish a clearer chain of oversight within ASUW so that every employee knows who they report to and who represents them.
  • Work with the Office of Communications to create and maintain an ASUW Google Calendar to avoid overlapping events and increase attendance.
  • Establish optional group check-in lunches for entity employees to promote collaboration.
  • Meet with entities on a biweekly basis for quick check-ins to increase entity support.
  • Organize more casual office events to ensure that employees can can get to know each other without feeling pressured to bond.