ASUW Elections


Running for Director of Diversity Effort



Activities Coordinator African Student Association

Student Coordinator Black Graduation


Expenditures: $175.37






As the Director of Diversity Efforts, I want to connect students with the resources they need to be successful at UW. With my experience engaging communities outside of my own, I will effectively advocate for students who have traditionally been marginalized within higher education.


Action Items:

  • Work with the Instructional Center and OMA&D Advancement to expand educational programs available to underrepresented students by advocating for the creative allocation of resources.
  • Coordinate with the Student Disability Commission, DRS, and University leadership to strengthen accommodations for students with disabilities.  
  • Work with UW Leaders to ensure that a diverse pool of participants are chosen.
  • Meet with individual commissions monthly to generate and reflect on goals throughout the year.
  • Provide safe spaces for students to continually have meaningful dialogue surrounding student issues.
  • Work with the Office of Communications to continue the JCC rebrand to promote the intersectionality of Diversity Commissions and increase visibility of ASUW’s activism
  • Partner with Leadership without Borders and other OMA&D units to restructure the narrative of undocumented students by focusing on solidarity through policy.