Geeta Iyer

Geeta Iyer

As the Director of Community Relations I will work closely with our various living communities to ensure their voice is heard by the University and ASUW. As a member of a Panhellenic sorority as well as an active member of ASUW, I am aware of the various needs of campus communities. I also understand internal UW structures making me a knowledgeable resource for campus living communities. In addition, I am a flexible, open communicator and I look forward to making positive connections with campus communities!

As your Director of Community Relations, here are some areas I will be working on:

  • Ensure a smooth transition to in person education, and making sure communities are supported and can thrive despite the complexities of COVID-19.
  • Work to facilitate collaboration between the Greek Councils
  • Continue work of previous Director of Community Relations to increase accessibility of off campus housing
  • Communicate funding opportunities to living communities to optimize UW provided resources and RSO projects
  • Improve representation of living communities in ASUW Student Senate through protected seats and legislation guidance


Member of Panhellenic Sorority and have served on the Executive Board as Vice President of Facility Operations for chapter in 2020

Chair of Off Campus Committee in ASUW Student Senate, 2 year senator

Internal Outreach Intern for ASUW Womxn’s Action Commission, sitting on Student Safety Advisory Board

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