ASUW Elections

Jack Hood

Running for Director of Programming


Community Outreach Intern ASUW SHC 2017-Present

FIG Leader Fall 2017

VP Sales/Recruitment Husky Sales Club








As Director of Programming, I will be determined to create an environment in which students can work together to achieve common goals. This will require communication and collaboration. I look forward to being a liaison to student groups in order for all to reach their highest potential.


Action Items

  • Increase intercommunication throughout ASUW by promoting collaboration between the SHC, Diversity Commissions, and RSOs alike.

  • Partner with the Director of Diversity Efforts to establish a continuous dialogue between the ASUW and marginalized communities, including legacy groups and diversity commissions in order to best structure programming for all communities.

  • Work with ASUW entities such as the Office of Communications, Rainy Dawg Radio and Arts & Entertainment to clarify and prevent possible microaggressions against any culture or community.

  • Go above and beyond in building relationships with communities that are underrepresented within ASUW in order to ensure that all students have the voice they deserve on campus and is represented appropriately through programming.

  • Attend open RSO meetings and hold open dialogue about current issues in order to best understand needs.

  • Increase Greek engagement within on-campus programming and ASUW using my relationship with both communities in order to create a more cohesive UW.