ASUW Elections

Jeremy Moon

Running for Director of University Affairs


ASUW Senator and Chair General Affairs Comm. 2017-present

Member Services and Activities Fee Committee 2017-present

Director/VP Advanced Robotics @UW 2017-present

Expenditures: $128.13



  • As your ASUW Director of University Affairs, I intend to initiate a campus-wide lobbying effort towards increasing state funds for the UW, so as to enhance the quality of our education and university-based services for students. This includes fully-funding student services like Hall Health, the UW Counseling Center and academic departments.
  • I will work with the new provost to solve the issues that directly affect students, such as resolving issues with capacity-constrained majors and streamlining class registration.
  • I would like to break down institutional constructs that create unnecessary burdens for students by re-evaluating minimum general education requirements and creating a “direct to college” system for transfer students. Additionally, I will work with departments to re-evaluate class size restrictions, popular-class waitlists, and access to classes from outside the major.
  • I would like to establish protections against class policies which create unnecessary and unfair challenges for commuter students, non-traditional students, students of diverse backgrounds, disabled students and students who find themselves in emergency situations.
  • I also plan to explore making tutoring services, such as CLUE, more accessible to commuter students by increasing use of remote access.