ASUW Elections

Jimmi Hopkins

Running for Director of Campus Partnerships


Peer Navigator South Seattle College 2013-14

ASUW Intern

Mock Trial Coach Jefferson Community Center 2013-16

Expenditures: $0






I believe in being the change, you want to. I have always kept my core values of Integrity, compassion, and equity close. The University of Washington is a great place to do a lot of good. I hold many issues personal to me and a big one is student sustainability. As a first-generation college student, I’ve trudged through this college experience by myself. College is a struggle mentally, physically, and financially. I know we can have properly funded programs to promote student sustainability and be more transparent with where our funds are being allocated. I have worked for Seattle Colleges as a peer navigator where my objective was getting students a solid foundation for school. I am currently as an intern for ASUW underneath the director of campus partnerships; working on projects to help promote student sustainability. We are passionately working towards improving mental health resources and student housing aid. I have worked on committees at local community colleges to implement a policy change that directly affects students of color and other disenfranchised public’s. There has since been a change of policy at those colleges. I would like to do this not for me but for the future boundless student.