Kevin Mendez

Running For Vice President


  • Ex-officio member of the ASUW Board of Directors via Vice Speaker position on ASUW Student Senate
  • Vice President 2018-2019, President 2019-2020 of the College Democrats of Washington State
  • Student Senate Oversight Committee Chair 2017-2018


Expenditures: $198.09


Alpha Chi Omega, Young Democrats at the University of Washington


My name is Kevin Mendez (he/him/his) and I am running for Vice President because over my past three years of being involved in the Association, I want to give back to the organization that has allowed me to grow professionally and personally.  As Vice President I will strive to ensure the Association is always student centered while functioning efficiently and effectively. Through my work as Oversight Chair and Vice Speaker of the Student Senate, I have gained in-depth knowledge of the University’s shared governance structure. Utilizing this experience I will be able to direct students toward vital resources in fulfilling their institutional needs. Overall my main priority is to ensure that the Association has community-driven programming and that all members, volunteers, and employees grow professionally as well as personally.

Action Items:

  • Implement goal-oriented caucuses with volunteers and employees based on student interests to encourage collaboration across the Association
  • Ensure all services and programs have strong community support to further ASUW’s commitment to enriching student life
  • Work with the Office of Communication’s to reevaluate their policies to give entities more freedom in design processes
  • Create ASUW Entity Reports that will be linked to the President’s all campus emails with the goal of increasing transparency
  • Oversee holistic task forces, with the purpose of completing institutional reviews, to evaluate how the Association can grow within its current constraints
  • Work diligently with ASUW Tacoma and Bothell to create a more cohesive tri-campus relationship
  • Work with the Office of Opportunities and Involvement to create a system where volunteers and interns evaluate the ASUW employees that they work with to improve engagement.
  • Maintain equitable appointing of committee members, while still ensuring that the best qualified individuals are appointed
  • Continue encouraging other board members to attend ASUW events ensuring that we are supportive of all Association members and employees