Kiran Singh

Running For University Affairs


  • Director of Willow Hall Council (2018-Present)
  • ASUW Student Representative to the Board of Trustees of the University Bookstore (2018-Present)
  • Executive Officer of Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity (2017-Present)

Expenditures: $179.50


Chi Sigma Alpha, Huskies For Naral Pro-Choice WA, WEGET MAGAZINE


As Director of University Affairs, I would bring my experience as an RSO Officer, an ASUW representative to a UW-governed corporate trust, a leader in the residential communities, and a local legislative intern that campaigned for issues relevant to all members of the greater Seattle area. My experience serving the UW community is varied and substantive, and I will ensure that student needs exist at the forefront of the decision-making process at all levels of the administration.

Action Items:

  • Establish more routine collaboration with the Graduate & Professional Student Senate to better coordinate lobbying efforts on administrative, local, and state levels.
  • Work with the Office of Governmental Relations to institutionalize the creation of a local legislative agenda that reflects policy priorities of the student body.
  • Advocate for university initiatives to benefit minority groups and non-traditional students, especially through providing more accessible paths to lobbying involvement among underrepresented students, including transfer and commuter students.
  • Prioritize role of serving on academic student advisory councils to increase policy transparency, especially within departments with capacity-constrained majors.
  • Emphasize importance of student voices in lobbying for funding and debt awareness, given the work done by the previous Student Debt Working Group and the new biennial state budget.