Nicola Kalderash

Running For President


  • Provost Advisory Committee for Students, Committee member 2017-19
  • HUB Board of Representatives, Vice Chair 2018-19
  • Seattle Central College Student Body President, 2015-17

Expenditures: $0


My platform is simple, reengaging and reconnecting the campus through concerted efforts. For too long many students, chief among them transfer students – be it community colleges, other universities, or other countries – have felt sidelined from being welcomed. As a community college transfer student, myself I seek to change that feeling. To acknowledge these students as more than just an afterthought. To connect with them to help them know they are welcomed to be involved in the leadership, resources, and opportunities here. I have been engaging with students as a Husky as soon as I got here and took up new leadership roles as Vice Chair of the Hub Board of Representatives or as a committee member of the wide-angled Provost Advisory Committee for Students. Many students feel the ASUW is elitist and doesn’t care about them nor is it transparent and connecting. Many that I asked feel once you’re involved in the ASUW you only deal with the ASUW and that in-group. To be honest, that defeats the entire point of being a leader.

When I was student-body president at Seattle Central College, I constantly engaged with the students on campus to let them know I am always there for them and who I am. To the point of annoyance, but it worked. For every ten students I would introduce myself like that to, half would meet with me. People knew who I was and constantly stopped me in the hall, because I am for everyone as a leader, not just transfer students. It is time the ASUW makes that impact on students again and gets students excited to lead in this organization and then improve the greater campus community. It is time all students feel welcome to speak with their student government on campus. It is time we get rid of student leaders doing this for the paycheck and the resume line item. I didn’t do that when I held office and I will continue to be that beacon of hope and justice representing all students. Uniting all students to help challenge their student government to work better for them. Transparency, visibility, and accountability for all students – especially transfer students – is my platform. I may have a lot of bureaucracy to wade through, but I won’t give up on any of you and do my damn best to support you just as I consciously did at Seattle Central and just as I am doing now in the leadership roles I hold now. Together we can make a difference.