Osman Salahuddin












Having spent the past year on the ASUW Board of Directors as the Director of Community Relations, I have had the privilege of interacting with members of various campus communities, ranging from the Greek Community to Ethnic Cultural Center. I am running for ASUW President to ensure student perspectives and needs are at the forefront of administrative decision-making processes. When thinking about University life, campus climate is one of the most important aspects concerning the well-being of students. However, the current campus climate cannot be addressed by simply having conversations; it has to be done through systemic change at all levels. I want to help influence this change while connecting students with resources and supporting them in finding their campus community.


  • Support marginalized students affected by shifts in campus climate and raise awareness on topics pertaining to minority students. Increase transparency on these matters by connecting administration with students to assure that they are recognizing student demands
  • Drive institutional change by working with administration to ensure that faculty receive mandatory trainings on how to support students affected by the current political climate and emphasize the implementation of the 2017-2021 Diversity Blueprint
  • Advocate for an increase in staff members at the Counseling Center and Hall Health to improve the quality of student health services, specifically focusing on hiring more staff educated in working with students from underrepresented communities


  • Develop campus initiatives and work to allocate funding for projects designed for nontraditional students, such as commuters, transfers, international students, and student-athletes to create more avenues for student involvement
  • Work with the ASUW Communications Director to establish a stronger Association brand identity that is more accessible to the greater campus community
  • Promote the various Husky Experiences by creating online profiles of current students involved in ASUW that outline what life is like in the Association to prospective students


  • Collaborate with local legislators to address and seek solutions for inaccessible and unaffordable housing in the U-District, and advocate for more affordable transportation options
  • Implement a petition system allowing students to voice their concerns, hold administration accountable, and demand a response on how these issues will be addressed
  • Connect with state representatives as well as UW administration to confront the lack of student mental and physical health resources, especially for underserved communities