ASUW Bylaws Section 2:

SECTION 2: President

The President shall:

Serve as the Chair of the Board of Directors. The Chair of the Board of Directors shall:

A. Conduct Board of Directors meetings;

1. Call meetings of the Board of Directors as needed and designate time and place of the meetings;
2. Appoint committees with the confirmation of the Board of Directors, except as provided in the Constitution; and
3. Assign floating committee appointments to the Board of Directors.

B. Serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the Association;

C. Coordinate with the Vice President on internal operations;

D. Serve as a member of the Executive Advisory Committee;

E. Stay updated on the activity of the Judicial Committee, Finance and Budget Committee, and Personnel Committee through the Vice President, who will serve as the Presidential proxy on these committees;

F. Facilitate campus-wide collaboration, representation, and communication through building rapport with campus leadership, and student group executive leadership;

G. Serve as the official spokesperson of the ASUW in campus, community, and inter-school relationships;

H. Ensure wide and effective student participation in shared governance with faculty and administration;

I. Participate and/or take leadership in essential University committees as delineated in the ASUW Bylaws;

J. Make public appearances and speeches at University and community events, and attend these events to establish and maintain good relations;

K. Oversee and lobby for political efforts at the local, state, and federal level. For state lobbying, this can include public testimony to House and Senate committees;

L. Ensure open and transparent communication with the Board of Directors, ASUW, GPSS, University administration, and the University community, ensuring that all written and electronic correspondence is responded to;

M. Serve as an ex-officio member without vote on the Board of Regents, the Faculty Senate, and the Faculty Senate Executive Committee. The President may not appoint proxies for these positions;

N. Serve as an ex-officio member without vote on the Alumni Association Board of Trustees. The President may appoint an at-large member of the Board of Directors to serve as a proxy for this position;

O. Serve as a voting member of the Provost’s Advisory Committee for Students. Present relevant items from this committee to the Student Senate at least once per academic quarter;

P. Serve as the ASUW liaison to the UW Sponsorship Advisory Committee, when applicable;

Q. Chair the Student Regent Selection Committee every other year, alternating chair responsibilities with the GPSS President.  On years when the GPSS President chairs the Student Regent Selection Committee, serve as a voting member of the committee;

R. Serve as a Board of Directors liaison to the Legislative Steering Committee;

S. Appoint at-large student representatives to the following committees through the Open Selection Process:

1. Student Regent Selection Committee
2. Provost’s Advisory Committee for Students, in coordination with the Director of University Affairs
3. University Sponsorship Committee

T. Handle major public relations efforts with national and local press in coordination with the Communications Director;

U. Ensure the Board of Directors members, including the Vice President and at-large members, are fulfilling their job responsibilities, and if necessary, make recommendations for disciplinary action to the Personnel Director (or Vice President, if it involves the Personnel Director) for failure to perform the duties of their offices;

V. Distribute projects and tasks to the Board of Directors as applicable to ensure their completion;

W. Ensure that all acts of the Board of Directors are executed;

X. Sit on the hiring committee for the Office of Government Relations Director for the term in which they will be President. Hiring within the Office of Government Relations shall not take place until after the ASUW elections;

Y. Serve as the ASUW representative to the Tri-Campus community, which is comprised of ASUW Bothell and Tacoma;

Z. Supervise the Director of the Office of Government Relations;

AA. Supervise the Director of Legislative Affairs;

BB. Serve as a voting member of the Student Senate;

CC. Attend ASUW mandatory training sessions and staff meetings, including but not limited to the ASUW Autumn Orientation;

DD. Maintain accountability for twenty-nine hours per week, during which the President’s activities and/or whereabouts are known to the Personnel Director and the front office staff.  During this twenty-nine hour period, the President may schedule meetings and appointments, complete projects, and otherwise guide the work and mission of the ASUW;

EE. Work collaboratively with the members of the Executive Advisory Committee over the summer to plan Autumn Orientation;

FF. Work office hours remotely until the first wave of employee start dates, at which point begin working summer hours non-remotely.

GG. Meet with the Student Activities Office advisor as needed and upon request;

HH. Complete Quarterly Reports and Employee Evaluations as requested by the Director of Internal Policy and the Personnel Director, respectively, by the first week of the following quarter; and

II. Complete transition materials to be submitted to the Personnel Director by the end of Spring Quarter.