ASUW Elections

ASUW Candidates Packet

The Elections Administration Committee creates a Candidates Packet to serve as a resource for candidates, the proponents or opponents of ballot measures, their affiliates, and any other students interested in ASUW Elections. This packet includes information such as the 2018 Elections Calendar of Events, the Elections Policies and Procedures, an abridged copy of ASUW governing documents, policy guides, and important forms for candidates and ballot measures. These forms include the official Filing Form, Endorsement Form, Preliminary Financial Disclosure Form as well as the Final Financial Disclosure Form.

The 2018 Candidates Packet can be found here.

The Filing Form, Preliminary Financial Disclosure Form, and Final Financial Disclosure Form will need to be submitted online under the form dropbox on the Filing For Candidacy page. All of these forms will need to be verified in person with the SAO Office. Please refer to the Candidates Packet for more details.

The Endorsement Form can be submitted in person. Please refer to the Candidates Packet for more details.

Campaigning 101 Guide

In order to better serve students who are unfamiliar with the elections process, the Elections Administration Committee has created a Campaigning 101 Guide. This document can be used as an additional resource to learn more about ASUW Elections.

The 2018 Campaigning 101 Guide will be coming soon.


Elections Policies and Procedures

The 2018 Elections Policies and Procedures can be found here. This document contains the rules dictating the role of ASUW Elections on the UW Campus.

Keep Track of Your Finances

This document will help you keep track of your finances. This is automatically programmed and will indicate if you go over budget.