Candidate Resources

Elections Policies and Procedures

The 2019 Elections Policies and Procedures can be found here. This document contains the rules dictating the role of ASUW Elections on the UW Campus.

ASUW Candidates Packet

The Elections Administration Committee creates a Candidates Packet to serve as a resource for candidates, the proponents or opponents of ballot measures, their affiliates, and any other students interested in ASUW Elections. This packet includes information such as the 2019 Elections Calendar of Events, the Elections Policies and Procedures, an abridged copy of ASUW governing documents, policy guides, and important forms for candidates and ballot measures. These forms include the official Filing Form, Endorsement Form, Preliminary Financial Disclosure Form as well as the Final Financial Disclosure Form.

The 2019 Candidates Packet can be found here.

The Filing Form, Preliminary Financial Disclosure Form, and Final Financial Disclosure Form will need to be submitted online under the form dropbox on the Filing For Candidacy page. All of these forms will need to be verified in person with the SAO Office. Please refer to the Candidates Packet for more details.

Forum Prep

The following are a collection of example questions from the past three years of hosting forums, these are posted to help candidates get an idea of the types of questions they may be asked at forums during the campaigning period:


  • What are UWPD’s largest shortcomings in its relationships with underrepresented students and how will you work to address them?
  • Apart from campaign finance reform, what changes would you make to the Elections Policies and Procedures to make ASUW elections more accessible to underrepresented communities?
  • Entertainment, oftentimes comedy, walks a fine line between humor and microaggressions.  How will you ensure Arts & Entertainment and Rainy Dawg Radio events are inclusive to students of all identities?
  • Please assess the feasibility of tackling the barriers to access created by Initiative 200, which essentially created a ban on affirmative action, and speak to how you will strive to increase the number of underrepresented students on campus.

Living Communities Forum

  • What is the top safety issue that you see for on-campus residents and how would you address it?
  • Please describe potential plans to increase the accessibility and inclusiveness of Residence Halls for trans and gender nonconforming students.
  • What are the current collaborative efforts between the ASUW and the Greek community, and how will you improve those efforts?
  • What is the single biggest area of necessary improvement for living communities, how do you plan on addressing it?

Board Forum

  • A list of demands was given to University of Washington administrators following the UW Walkout. Interim President Ana Mari Cauce responded with her conversation on race and equity and the launch of the Race and Equity Initiative. Do you think the UW has adequately responded to these demands and what responsibility does ASUW have in this conversation.
  • In your platform you mention creating a taskforce to conduct a holistic evaluation of the association’s operations, for the purpose of improving efficiency and transparency. Which areas of the association do you believe need the most improvement?
  • As the Director of Academic and Administrative Affairs, what is your lobbying plan for the decoupling of the SAF and tuition?
  • At the SAB Forum you mentioned getting rid of the ticket system for ASUW Elections.  Please elaborate on this and any further revisions you want to make to the Elections Policies and Procedures next year.

Senate Forum

  • The Student Senate recently passed Resolution 21-33: A Resolution to Encourage Students to Support SARVA and the Dawgs Take Action Pledge, which you propose to “expand and maintain.” Please elaborate on how you plan to do so.
  • What is your stance on Senate Order 21-2: Proposing Technical Corrections to the ASUW Constitution?
  • Your platform includes giving presentations on the Judicial Committee to different communities on campus. Which communities would benefit the most from this and what specifically would you include in these presentations?
  • As the chair of the Board of Directors, under what circumstances would you consider it appropriate for the Board to refer a piece of legislation already passed by the Senate back to the floor?


The EAC arranges for candidates to receive special discounts from various vendors. This list is updated regularly and continues to grow as the season goes on:


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The Elections Administration Committee is here as a resource for any and all candidates. If you ever have any questions or need something explained to you feel free to email the Chair Eric Liao at

Eric Liao (Chair) and Divya Seth (Vice Chair) also have office hours every week in their office in HUB 121 F. Go to to see when either of us will be in the office, feel free to stop by!