ASUW Elections

Ritika Jain

Running For President


Vice Chair Services and Activities Fee Committee 2017-present

Vice Chair Student Advisory Board to VP OMA/D 2016-present

Member Provost Advisory Committee for Students 2017-present

Expenditures: $256.73






As the President of ASUW, I will bring with me my background in activism, my aspirations to expand student representation, and the skills that I have developed in working with administrators and advocating for marginalized communities. I aim to direct informed, positive change on campus by synthesizing the knowledge that I have gained over the past three years by serving as a student leader on committees like the Provost’s Advisory Committee for Students, the Services and Activities Fee Committee, and the Student Advisory Board to the VP for Minority Affairs & Diversity. I have personally experienced the impact of promoting diversity in shaping policy, and I will amplify the demands of students around campus to promote inclusion of all perspectives, transparency around the University, and cohesion of the student body.


Action Items:

  • At the administrative level, work with the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity to advocate for more substantial support for students from underrepresented and marginalized communities through the Provost’s Advisory Committee for Students and the Board of Regents.
  • At the local level, ensure that the City of Seattle continues to prioritize affordability, especially within the University District, by expanding bridge housing and financial assistance for students experiencing homelessness.
  • Lobby at the state level for increased funding for campus-wide mental health services, such as the Counseling Center, as well as specialized services for marginalized student groups, such as student veterans.
  • Clearly communicate the impact of ASUW’s work around the UW campus, in the City of Seattle, and at the state level by working with the Office of Communications to revamp all-campus emails to foster student interest.
  • Establish biweekly Coffee Chats with the President to identify the changing needs of the student body to inform interactions with UW administration and the state legislature
  • Create new opportunities for student involvement within UW administration, such as Capital Planning and Finance & Administration, to ensure widespread knowledge of internal decision-making processes and approaches to implementing structural change.
  • Work with the Director of Diversity Efforts to establish more concrete and collaborative relationships between legacy groups and the ASUW to promote the inclusion of a wide variety of voices within the Association.
  • Ally student groups across campus by partnering with the chair of the Provost’s Advisory Committee for Students to facilitate interdisciplinary connections among leadership from advisory councils around UW.