ASUW Elections

Samir Nasr

Running for Vice President


Vice Chair of the On-Campus Committee ASUW SenateĀ  2017-present

Campaign intern for Gov. Jay Inslee Autumn 2016

ASB president Lake Stevens High School 2016-17

Expenditures: $177.23




  • As your ASUW Vice President, I plan to advocate for greater support for sexual assault survivors in collaboration with the ASUW Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Activists (SARVA). This includes increasing the availability of confidential counselors, creating a task force to better understand how to expand campus resources, and working closely with UW Health and Wellness to increase sexual assault awareness.
  • I will work with the UW Counseling Center to start a program that will help UW faculty to identify mental health symptoms and to provide their students with the appropriate resources.
  • I will create a Mental Health Student Advisory Board to increase awareness of the varying ways counseling services can be utilized on campus, ultimately reducing the stigma surrounding mental health.
  • I want to increase awareness and inclusivity of the ASUW by updating social media platforms and starting initiatives to encourage participation within the various ASUW entities.

I will work with the City of Seattle and the University District Partnership to make the U-District more accessible and safer to students. This includes increasing the UW and Seattle Police Department nighttime presence around campus and the U-District.