ASUW Elections

Shawnelle D’Souza

Running for Director of Campus Partnerships


Director Finance/Archives SEED, 2017-present

FIUTS Student Ambassador 2017

Conference Assistant Intern for UAE Ministry of Health 2016

Expenditures: $128.13



  • I want to have an open dialogue with diverse communities across campus about safety, like adding more street lights across campus. Also, I would like to increase face-time between UWPD and student communities to better understand their concerns.
  • Currently, the ASUW has no liaison to International Student Services, and I would like to establish a highly-needed relationship with them to bring their lived experiences to the ASUW by being their liaison.
  • As your ASUW Director of Campus Partnerships, I will relay important information effectively to UW Recreation, Hall Health etc. while speaking for the needs of students, like advocating for an increase in emergency counselors and ensuring that the IMA is making decisions with the students in mind.
  • I will act diligently in my pursuits within UW Sustainability by supporting various organizations like Eco-Reps, SEED, and the Campus Sustainability Fund, as well as the Husky Pride Fund, to set and achieve fundraising goals and to help improve their advertising and outreach efforts.