ASUW Elections

ASUW Director of Programming

The Director of Programming, who shall:

  1. Serve as a member of the Board of Directors and attend all regularly-scheduled Board of Directors meetings unless officially excused by the President or Personnel Director;
  2. Oversee and coordinate all general and inter-ASUW collaborative programming;
  3. Serve as the Chair of the ASUW Special Appropriations Committee;
  4. Serve as the Board of Directors liaison to the Special Appropriations Committee;
  5. Assist Arts & Entertainment, Rainy Dawg Radio, and Student Health Consortium to pursue joint programming and promotions, and continue as needed, upon request;
  6. Plan the Everybody Every Body Fashion Show in coordination with the Student Health Consortium Director, Arts & Entertainment, and Rainy Dawg Radio;
  7. Plan and execute W Day in coordination with UW marketing;
  8. Serve as the Board of Directors liaison to Registered Student Organizations, including sitting on, or being responsible for appointments to, the Office Space Assignment Committee;
  9. Plan the Husky Leadership Retreat;
  10. Assist Registered Student Organizations with programming and connect them with relevant resources;
  11. Assist all Board members in programming efforts;
  12. Work with liaison entities to develop goals and strategies for the year to develop a set of specific benchmarks and metrics to measure their successes, and report to the Board of Directors on programs’ levels of progress in achieving these benchmarks;
  13. Work with the Personnel Director to resolve conflicts and job description issues with liaison employees. If needed, work with them to recommend necessary sanctions or other corrective action according to the ASUW Personnel Policy;
  14. Attend ASUW mandatory training sessions and staff meetings, including but limited to the ASUW Autumn Orientation and ASUW Personnel meetings; and
  15. Meet with Student Activities Office adviser as needed and upon request;
  16. Submit quarterly reports and employee evaluations as assigned by the Director of Internal Policy and the Personnel Director;
  17. Completed transition materials to be submitted to the Personnel Director by the end of Spring Quarter.