United Students Against Sweatshops

Vote “Yes” on Initiative 1. A “Yes” on USAS means a stronger student voice and a more ethical UW campus.

UW United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) is a grassroots student organization whose mission is to promote and defend the rights of UW students and workers. For almost 20 years, USAS has empowered student voices by running campaigns to fight tuition increases, support student employees and campus workers, and leverage our University’s purchasing power to promote ethical business practices.

USAS believes that every member of the campus community should have the opportunity to advocate for themselves. USAS has utilized grassroots organizing to fight for quality and access in higher education as a leader in numerous student efforts like the Reclaim UW and Decolonizing UW Coalitions.

USAS believes that campus employees are critical to ensuring a quality educational experience, which is why USAS works to support the rights of TAs, RAs, custodians, and faculty.

Lastly, USAS has been the only RSO to ensure the UW engages in ethical purchasing practices. USAS believes that in order for the UW to continue being an international leader in social responsibility, we must ensure all Husky apparel is made by workers whose rights are respected.

USAS promises to use the optional funding to create opportunities for students to learn how to advocate for important campus issues.