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HFS Residential Life Campaigning Policy

HFS Posting Policy

At our discretion, we post materials with content related to promoting a campus or UW community program, school, organization, activity or event in designated areas.

Please read carefully and follow the instructions below.

  • All materials must conform to state and local laws and the policies of the UW and HFS.
  • Posting materials must be submitted to the Residential Life Administration Office for approval.
  • An organization responsible for improper posting may subsequently lose the privilege of posting information or reserving rooms in University Housing. In addition, any event improperly advertised, which utilizes University Housing space, may be canceled.
  • Posting materials sponsored by UW-affiliated organizations/offices (outside of HFS) and commercial advertisements may be posted in designated nonresidential areas (ex: building lobbies).
  • Once approved, postings will be displayed for up to two weeks or until 24 hours after the event.

Posting Requirements

  • Materials should be no larger than 24” X 36”
  • Make sure to include:
    Name of sponsoring organization or office and its contact information
    Date, location, and price of event if appropriate
  • We will accept 38 posters in total

Please refer to this list for the specific number of posters allowed for each community:

West Campus (7 total)North Campus (11 total)Apartments (20 total)
Alder Hall (1)Haggett Hall (1)Cedar Apartments (2)
Area 01 (1)Hansee Hall (1)Mercer Court (8)
Elm Hall (1)Madrona Hall (2)Nordheim Court (5)
Lander Hall (1)McCarty Hall (2)Stevens Court (1)
Maple Hall (1)McMahon Hall (2)Graduate Students (2)
Poplar Hall (1)Willow Hall (2)Family Housing (2)
Terry Hall (1)The Mill (1) 
  • Postings should be submitted at least one week in advance of desired posting date
  • Deliver your materials to the Residential Life Administration Office located in the HFS Central Office, Terry Hall or mail to UW Box 355605

Link to official HFS Posting Policy

UW Campaign Materials

Campaign materials posted in individual residence hall and apartment room windows is permitted within Housing & Food Services policy.  It is suggested that materials posted in windows use easily removable tape to avoid damage charges upon vacancy.

Campaign materials posted on residence hall or apartment doors is permitted within Housing & Food Services policy as long as it does not cover over 50% of the door.  Additionally, decorative lighting, combustible items, and items that are hanging from the door frame are prohibited.  The room/apartment number and peephole cannot be covered.

State law prohibits the distribution of unstamped campaign literature through campus mail, including the residence hall system. Campaign material is considered stamped if mailed under a bulk rate permit issued by the U.S. Postal Service and is properly addressed to the resident of the room.  Bulk campaign material that is mailed via the campus mailing service, without a stamp or bulk rate permit, will not be distributed in the residence halls.

Residence Hall/Apartment Solicitation & Tabling Policy for UW Organizations

Door-to-door solicitation or distribution of promotional materials by anyone who is not a resident of the residence hall, or by anyone for commercial or campaigning activities is prohibited.  This includes RCSA, ASUW, and other student organizations during all regular or special elections. Exceptions include the Student Survival Kits (once a quarter) and linens and care packages (approximately 6 times a year).

A resident or organization wishing to table can submit a request to Alexa Forster (aforster@uw.edu) via email. Tabling is available in Lander Hall near the Lander Hall Front Desk and on north campus either in the Center Table residential dining facility or in Town Square between Madrona and Willow Halls. Tabling opportunities are available beginning the first business day of the second week of classes. Tabling reservations must meet the following qualifications:

  • The reservation is for the current quarter
  • A copy of all publicity and information to be distributed/displayed at the table must be attached to the email request
  • The reservation must be made at least 5 business days in advance
  • The reservation must be between 11:00am- 2:00pm or 5:00pm-8:00pm
  • The reservation is for no more than one three-hour period per week
  • The reservation is for no more than three occurrences per quarter

For specific questions about this policy, contact Alexa Forster, Residence Education Specialist for Leadership and Programming at 206-616-6189, aforster@uw.edu.