Vice President

ASUW Bylaws Section 3:

SECTION 3: Vice President

The Vice President shall:

A. Serve as a member of the Board of Directors and attend all regularly-scheduled Board of Directors meetings or special Board of Directors meetings unless officially excused by the President or Personnel Director;

B. Administer the duties of the President in case of the President’s absence, resignation, or forfeiture of office;

C. Complete initiated projects as directed by the ASUW President;

D. Serve as the ASUW President’s proxy on the Judicial Committee, Finance and Budget Committee, and Personnel Committee;

E. Meet on a weekly basis with the ASUW President to update them on the internal operations of the Association, including personnel matters and information discussed during internal ASUW committee meetings;

F. Support the President as Chief of Staff of the Board of Directors by performing the following on a quarterly basis:

  1. Meet with each Board member at least once per quarter to collect goals and action items; and
  2. Complete Employee Evaluations for each individual ASUW Board of Director’s member.

G. Oversee ASUW strategic planning and goal setting. Coordinate with the Board of Directors to update the ASUW mission statement and vision as necessary;

H. Act as Chief Operating Officer of the Association, serving as the internal supervisor of all ASUW employees by delivering the following:

  1. Oversee the Personnel Director’s administration of the Personnel Policy;
  2. Provide recommendations to the Personnel Director regarding serious personnel decisions, with approval of the ASUW President;
  3. Work with the Personnel Director to resolve conflicts and job description issues with ASUW employee;
  4. Act as the point person for all ASUW employees with questions regarding internal activity and entity goal setting;
  5. Conduct quarterly one-on-one meetings with each ASUW entity to create goals and collect action items;
  6. Conduct quarterly ASUW employee-wide reviews of SAO advisors;
  7. Act as the liaison between the Student Activities Office and ASUW processing conflict between any ASUW employee and SAO advisor and attending monthly meetings with the Assistant Director of Student Activities;
  8. Chair the yearly ASUW Entity Review Task Forces;
  9. Chair the Executive Advisory Committee
  10. Plan employee holiday and bonding events, excluding the End of Year Celebration;
  11. Generate and ensure that Employee Evaluations are submitted quarterly by all employees in a timely manner and discuss any employee performance issues with the Personnel Director, who will then take action accordingly;
  12. Work with the Finance and Budget Director to generate and collect entity budget request and revision forms;
  13. Organize the quarterly Director’s Caucus, to facilitate cross-entity collaboration; and
  14. Work with the Communications Director to create and publish the ASUW Annual Report.

I. Perform all necessary oversight of the Association’s enterprises;

J. Work with the Bike Shop to develop specific goals, strategies and benchmarks and monitor their performance under that plan on a regular basis; Approve any major changes in policy, procedure, or strategy undertaken by this enterprise, and report any such changes to the Board of Directors. If the Vice President rejects a proposal by an entity, both must attend a Board of Directors meeting within the next three weeks, with the proposal subject to a vote by the Board of Directors;

K. Maintain a Volunteer Policy for the ASUW in coordination with the Office of Volunteer Opportunities in accordance with University and ASUW policies;

L. Meet bi-weekly with the Personnel and Finance and Budget Directors to review and manage internal operations of the ASUW;

M. Oversee the Administrative Assistants’ (excluding the Senate Administrative Assistant) work by holding weekly Administrative Assistant Employee Team meetings;

N. Serve as a member of the HUB Board of Representatives;

O. Meet with the Director of the HUB on a monthly basis, acting as the ASUW liaison to the Husky Union Building;

P. Appoint at-large student representatives to the following committees through the Open Selection Process:

  1. HUB Board of Representatives
  2. Services and Activities Fee Committee, in coordination with the Finance and Budget Director
  3. Student Technology Fee Committee, in coordination with the Finance and Budget Director

Q. Serve as the Board of Directors liaison to the Bike Shop;

R. Serve as the Board of Directors liaison to the Student Food Cooperative;

S. Serve as the Board of Directors liaison to the Office of Volunteer Opportunities, and oversee the volunteers and the process of leadership development;

T. Serve as the Board of Directors liaison to UW Leaders;

U. Attend ASUW mandatory training sessions and staff meetings, including but not limited to the ASUW Autumn Orientation;

V. Maintain accountability for twenty-five hours per week, during which the Vice President’s activities and/or whereabouts are known to the Personnel Director and the front office staff.  During this twenty-five hour period, the Vice President may schedule meetings and appointments, complete projects, and otherwise facilitate the work and mission of the ASUW;

W. Work collaboratively with the members of the Executive Advisory Committee over the summer to plan Autumn Orientation;

X. Work office hours remotely until the first wave of employee start dates, at which point begin working summer hours non-remotely.  

Y. Meet with the Student Activities Office advisor as needed and upon request;

Z. Complete Quarterly Reports and Employee Evaluations as requested by the Director of Internal Policy and the Personnel Director, respectively, by the first week of the following quarter; and

AA. Complete transition materials to be submitted to the Personnel Director by the end of Spring Quarter.