Julia Pham












My name is Julia Pham and I am running to be your ASUW Vice President with Husky Purpose. My purpose is to be the heart of ASUW, and as Vice President I will empower those who are involved in the association while also actively seeking the engagement of others. I desire to take initiative in creating an environment that fosters professional and personal development by focusing on systemic and external means of growth within ASUW.

• Encourage underrepresented students to apply for ASUW jobs by designing an Internship Education Day in collaboration with the ASUW Personnel Director
• Develop a curriculum to foster insightful relationships between employees and volunteers to enhance their ASUW experience in partnership with ASUW Office of Volunteer Opportunities
• Work with the ASUW President to host quarterly Town Hall meetings to ensure transparency, accessibility, and engagement for all students

• Collaborate with First Year Programs, Transfer Orientations, Dawg Daze, and FIGs to incorporate an ASUW based curriculum to provide incoming students knowledge on opportunities offered by the association
• Design and host quarterly workshops focusing on team building, leadership development, and community collaboration to focus on the professional and personal development of all employees
• Work with the Personnel Director to create a campus wide recruitment strategy for hiring’s by hosting an annual ASUW job fair


• Create a taskforce to conduct a holistic evaluation of ASUW operations for the purpose of improving efficiency and transparency within the organization
• Work with ASUW Finance and Budget Director to review Services and Activities Fee and Student Technology Fee committees by setting goals and helping them prioritize projects under budget restraints
• Expand the size and frequency of the Bulk Food Buying Store by working