1. Has a mandatory penalty of a fine not exceeding $75
  2. The violation must have been unintentional and corrected within twenty-four hours of receiving written notice from the EAC, and the provision violated must have been violated less than four times


  1. All violations not punished as minor or severe violations are major violations, and have a mandatory penalty of a monetary fine not less than $75
  2. May also result in disqualification, at the discretion of the Judicial Committee


  • Violate any applicable law, whether federal, state, or local
  • Intentionally deceive any voter in recording that voter’s vote by providing incorrect or misleading information or by providing faulty election equipment
  • Tamper or alter any official election material or ballot without authorization
  • Use any menace, force, threat or unlawful means to hinder or deter any voter from voting, or obtain a vote for or against any candidate or ballot measure
  • Directly or indirectly offer any bribe, reward, or anything of value to a voter in exchange for the voter not voting, or in exchange for the voter’s vote for or against any candidate or ballot measure


Types of Violations

Violations can be filed by anyone who believes a candidate, ticket, ballot measure affiliate, or affiliate of a candidate/ticket violated something in the EPP. Violations can be minor, major, or severe. A severe violation means automatic disqualification as well as a fine no less than $75. A violation is classified as minor if it is unintentional, is corrected within 24 hours of notice from the EAC Chair and happens no more than four times. It also involves a fine no more than $75. Any violation not considered minor or severe is classified as major and has a mandatory penalty of no less than $75 and can result in disqualification.

Filing a Violation

To file a violation one can go to and print off a violations form to be signed in the presence of the Assistant Director of Student Activities in the SAO office located in HUB 232. A violations form can also be obtained in from the Assistant Director.

Complaint Hearing Date

If a violation is filed against you or you file a complaint, a hearing will be held Monday, April 27th, 2020 at 5:00 PM by the Judicial Committee where the complainant and the respondent have the opportunity to make opening statements, call witnesses, and explain their side of the allegation. Either a judgment or a dismissal will be made by the Judicial Committee, which will be presented by a committee member to the Board of Directors. The complainant and respondent will have the opportunity to make a statement to the Board before they make a decision.

Exact time and location of the complain hearings TBD