ASUW Elections

Vivian Wiese

Running for Director of Programming


Chair and VP Active Minds 2016-present

Tutor for University Tutoring

Swim Instructor YMCA Sammamish 2016-17

Expenditures: $0






My name is Vivian Wiese, and I am running for the ASUW Director of Programming from 2018-2019. As a member of ASUW and the vice president of an RSO, I understand just how much work it takes to be the Director of Programming. As someone who has been frustrated by the lack of transparency and communication between UW and its RSOs, I am willing to commit my time to making UW a more welcoming place to all who wish to create their own community. UW is a big school, and by focusing on RSOs, we have the opportunity to create small, intermingling and inclusive communities based on academic, professional, or personal interests. I intend to help ASUW realize that potential.