Volunteer with EAC

Every year EAC has around 80 volunteers help run booths at which UW students can vote for next year’s Board of Directors.

Volunteering with EAC during elections is a low time commitment opportunity to get involved on campus! Each volunteer is asked to work only 2 hours total over 3 days (and volunteers are welcome to work more hours if they want!) at these booths with other enthusiastic UW student volunteers.

Every volunteer with EAC also gets a free T-Shirt with a themed design (this year’s theme is dinosaurs!)

This year voting days are May 9th, 10th and 11th, so to volunteer with us would require you to have a few hours of availability at some point during these 3 days. When you sign up please select all time slots you are available (don’t worry, you will only be scheduled to work 2 one hours long shifts regardless of how many time slots you say you are available)

The sign up period for volunteering with EAC has ended