WashPIRG has a 40-year track record of solving some of society’s biggest problems. Voting yes continues to allow students the option of donating $3 to WashPIRG while registering for their classes. WashPIRG (the Washington Public Interest Research Group) is a statewide student-funded, student-directed non-partisan advocacy organization. WashPIRG has spent 40 years working on the local and national level advocating on behalf of students and getting results. The funding allows the organization to stand up for the public against powerful interests and hire professional staff like advocates and organizers who help run local and statewide campaigns and fight on behalf of students full time where decisions are made in Olympia and Washington, DC.  And WashPIRG gets results, just this year they made over 8700 get out the vote reminders to students and convinced KFC to stop the overuse of antibiotics in the chicken they serve. From registering students to vote, to raising funds for local homelessness shelters, and advocating on environmental issues, WashPIRG offers a wide variety of service, civic, and leadership opportunities for students on campus. By voting to keep WashPIRG’s voluntary $3 donation, you support an organization which stands for you.