William Langevin

Running For University Affairs


  • UW Mandatory Bystander Training Taskforce, Founder 2017-19
  • Interfraternity Council Standards Board, Judicial member 2017-18
  • UW/PLU Trauma Focused Care on campus Bi-Campus Research team, 2018-19


Expenditures: $168.50


Alpha Chi Omega, Young Democrats at the University of Washington


My name is William Langevin and I aim to serve as your Director of University Affairs. Within this role, I look forward to engaging with the diverse experiences and perspectives of students and communicating these through the committees I will attend on your behalf. I believe by sharing our stories, we help create a better university experience for the next generation of Dawgs.

Action Items:

  • Serve with faculty and administrators across siloed disciplines to further inform policy development based on experiences in areas such as medical excuse notes and extra credit caps
  • Aim to evolve course evaluation structure grounded in experiential evidence through working on the related taskforce
  • Utilize relationships within communities such as students with disabilities, students of color, and first-generation students to bring varying experiences into conversations held on faculty councils regarding policies such as direct-to-division and long-term enrollment plans  
  • As a Double Dawg, I recognize the transitory role student leaders hold therefore I commit to furthering this position’s current vision while building an evolved vision for whomever serves after me
  • Analyze the existing process of recruiting committee proxies and establish effective methods for retaining a diverse set of students for long-term and mutually beneficial student-faculty-administrator relationships