ASUW Elections

Zeze Sun

Running for Vice President


Executive of Legislation 2015-16

Chair Student Advocacy Committee 2015-16

ASUW Legislative Steering Committee 2017

Expenditures: $0




I have a background that is very diverse from a traditional student as someone whom is an international student. I have lived on both coasts in the United States and seen the dynamics of the culture that exists here in Seattle and as far east as Pittsburgh. Throughout my journey I have seen and learned how important my voice can be in the community representing international students like myself and this is what motivated me originally to get involved in student leadership previously and what motivates me to continue to be that voice for students and why I feel I am competent to run as Vice President of the ASUW. I feel the ASUW deserves a strong voice for students all around and that should definitely be inclusive of the international community.

Previously, I have been the Legislative Affairs officer and chair of the Student Advocacy Committee to help get students involved in the legislative process. One of my big events was getting students down to Olympia to meet with their legislators and bring their voice to the table. I think this is important work and needs to be continued here at UW more than ever. As chair of the Student Advocacy Committee I was involved in getting students registered to vote. As an international student I see the value and power in it even though I am unable to do so here in the United States. Last Quarter, I immediately got involved and joined the Legislative Steering Committee to help shape our legislative agenda. It was great to know I was adding my voice to the conversation. If elected I promise to work as hard for them in the community as any international student ever has. Root out problems, allow everyone to be successful, and reach their full potential.