Elections Administration Committee

Brent Seto

I’m excited to announce my candidacy for Director of Internal Policy! Throughout my three years working within the ASUW, I have seen firsthand the policies and practices that foster inaccessibility and inefficiency. I will conduct thorough and sweeping reforms of ASUW governing documents to increase transparency, communication, and accountability between ASUW employees, as well as to facilitate an equitable and accessible environment for all students.

I will:

  • Work with Board Members and the Judicial Committee to update Board Member job descriptions to reflect organizational needs and increase both transparency and approachability
  • Collaborate with the Personnel Director to create tools that ensure ASUW employees fulfill their job responsibilities and are more accountable and accessible during their office hours
  • Develop an Election Policies and Procedures, in partnership with the Elections Administration Committee, that mitigates uncontested elections, as well as maximizes voter turnout and election transparency
  • Improve internal efficiency and organizational support networks by hosting mandated employee meetings in conjunction with the VP and Personnel Director to follow-up on past goals and discuss progress towards future objectives
  • Draft monthly reports and summary documents of Graduate Professional Student Senate activities and procedures in hopes of connecting undergraduates to GPSS


  • Secretary of Recommendations for the ASUW Judicial Committee 2021-2022; Senate Liaison to the Judicial Committee 2020 -2021
  • Senate Intern for the ASUW Asian Student Commission 2021-Present
  • Senator for the ASUW Student Senate 2019 – Present

Organization Membership:

  • Outreach Officer for the Japanese Student Association 2021-Present
  • University of Washington Purple and Gold Scholarship Recipient
  • Board of Directors Proxy to the ASUW First Year Experience Student Advisory Council 2022-Present
  • Research Intern for the Japanese American Citizens League 2021-Present
  • Research and Policy Intern for the Alzheimer’s Association 2021-2022

PRELIMINARY Financial Disclosure