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2024 ASUW Board of Directors Candidates

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Platform Guide

The purpose of your platform is to be a summary of your mission if you were to be elected as a member of the Board—why you are running for office, what you aim to achieve during your time, and what has prepared you to take on the position. This is NOT a place to make accusations or attack your opponents or other members of the UW community. 

The EAC retains the right to reject your platform statement for violating any of the rules listed below, and you will be asked to resubmit with edits made. 

Your submission should include: 

  1. Your preferred name; 
  2. Academic year (i.e. freshman, sophomore, 1st-year graduate); 
  3. Major(s) or Intended Major(s); 
  4. Up to 5 qualifications including but not limited to previous experience, offices held, or committees served on (no longer than 15 words each) listed on the Candidate Filing Form; 
  5. Community service work (no longer than 50 words); 
  6. An optional platform statement (no longer than 150 words) 
  7. An optional black and white photo, 300 dpi jpg file 

Submissions should be sent via your UW NetID email to asuweac@uw.edu by the Candidate Filing Deadline, and any required resubmissions must be filed by Friday, March 8th, 2024, at 5:00 pm. Please title the subject of your email “[First Name, Last Name] – Candidate Platform” 

2023 ASUW Board of Directors Candidates


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Jacob Feleke

My name is Jacob Feleke, I am a junior majoring in political science and minoring in business.
I was born in Seattle and raised in Auburn. A fun fact about me was that I listened to over
152,000 minutes of music on Spotify (2022). When I came to UW, I wanted to be involved in
my community in Seattle and my roots as an Ethiopian and Eritrean. Founding the East
African Student Association, acting as the umbrella group for the many cultural RSOs,
helped promote intersectionality of experiences and activism. I have been actively involved
in several student organizations on campus but found ASUW as one of the most influential
but simultaneously widely unknown.
If elected as student body president, I have several priorities that I would like to focus on:
 Working with the university administration to increase funding for mental health and
disability services on campus, including hiring additional counselors and offering
more resources to students seeking more than short-term care.
 Ensuring the safety of students on campus is a top priority as well. I plan to work with
the university administration to improve the following campus safety measures:
emergency blue light poles in sight of each other, parking garage safety, and working
with administration to partner with alternative safety provisions.
 I plan to create more opportunities for student input in university decision-making,
including holding town hall meetings, creating online forums, and soliciting feedback
from student organizations. I believe that this is essential since the ASUW, at the
senate level, is portrayed as a unified student body across all three campuses. There
is a major disconnect between students and representatives and as such the Senate
is stuck in the same cycle of passing largely ineffective legislation. The ASUW should
only be called its name when the students are substantially involved or at least made
aware of the organization.
I plan to hold extended office hours to better make the office of the ASUW and all its
amenities accessible. In addition to that, I intend to attend meetings and events held by
RSOs that want to be more directly involved on campus and the surrounding communities.
This work starts with a coalition of students who are not merely in leadership roles, but who
also move together as a unit.
I am excited to have the opportunity to serve my fellow students and help make UW a better
place for everyone.
Tri-Campus Advisory Board for Students Liaison 2023 – Present
Transfer Student Advocacy Committee Liaison 2023 – Present
200 hours of community service 2022 -2023
Organizational Memberships:
Co-President and founder of East African Student Association 2022 – Present
ASUW Senator, Resolution Follow-up Committee member 2022 – Present
African Student Association member 2022 – Present

Mitchell Klein

Hey everyone!
My name is Mitchell (he/him), and it is with great joy that I announce my candidacy
for ASUW President.
Student advocacy and service is nothing new to me. I have had the privilege to
serve in a wide variety of representative roles both during and prior to my time at
UW, with years of experience in student government, state lobbying, and
organizational activism. Currently, I sit on the ASUW Executive Board as the ASUW
Finance and Budget Director, on the Faculty Council for Gender, Equity, and Justice
as the student voice of the Seattle campus, and on the College of Arts and Sciences
Advisory Council as an at-large student representative. Additionally, I am on the
Services and Activities Fee Committee, Student Technology Fee Committee, ASUW’s
Personnel Committee, ASUW’s Finance and Budget Committee (Chair), ASUW’s Joint
Commissions Committee, and the Task Force on Exploring the Creation of an
Extracurricular Learning Program (Vice Chair).
In just this past quarter alone, I have successfully reopened the ASUW Bike Shop,
helped fight for the removal of all gendered language from UW’s faculty code,
established funding to ensure that all ASUW  events are accessible to all students
(with captioning, interpreters, accessible and inclusive venues,  etc.), began
discussions (alongside the ASUW President) with UW administration to shift over
$2,000,000 of misallocated student fees back into student life units like the ECC,
HUB, IMA, and Student Publications, advocated for increased support to accessible
teaching and learning, started discussing additional ways for ASUW to financially
support fraternities and sororities with members of panhellenic (and hopefully IFC,
NPHC, and MGC soon!) leadership, and much more. I get stuff done.
With that in mind, my plans for the ASUW Presidency will largely depend on what
concerns and passions are voiced by students in the coming year. Still, as ASUW
President, I will:
 Meet students where they are physically, mentally, and emotionally
 Provide students with the tools and support required for them to voice their
concerns directly to legislators and administrations
 Advocate even more for those things that I am already advocating for:
o Inclusivity of all students regardless of any aspect of their identity or
o Transparency of the specific ways and methods that student money is
being used to benefit students
o Fixing the bureaucratic stalls and inaccessible methods by which the
university operates
Thank you for your consideration. Go Dawgs!

 ASUW Board of Directors (Communications Directors, Finance and Budget
Director) | Spring 2022 – Present

 ASUW Operations Coordinator | Fall 2021 – Spring 2022
 Alder Hall Council Director of Advocacy and Programming | Fall 2020 – Spring
Organizational Memberships:
 Faculty Council on Gender, Equity, and Justice
 Arts and Sciences Advisory Council for Students
 ASUW Student Senate; Award for “Most Knowledgeable about ASUW”

Antonio Gonzalez


Vice President

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Thomas Alexander Sefair-Lopez

Hi folks!
My name is Thomas Sefair-López (he/him). I am a queer, disabled, and Latino
identifying student running to be your next ASUW Vice President (VP). As VP,
my role will be to oversee internal operations of the association. With my
passion for serving underrepresented communities and operations, I want to
ensure that ASUW becomes an engaging and inclusive working environment.
I have been involved with ASUW the past two years as the Assistant Director
of the Student Disability Commission and the Director of the Office of
Inclusive Design. In these roles, I have hosted programming events including
the annual F*** Stairs campaign, and currently work with non-traditional and
underrepresented students. Additionally, as a Business Operations & Supply
Chain major and Human Resources major, I know how to handle
logistical/operational functions of an association and establish a positive
organizational culture.
As VP, I will
Modernize the association’s workplace practices through engagement
with student employees to foster a positive work environment.
Shift the ASUW towards an inclusive design model through the
o Work with the HUB director and facilities to install automatic
push buttons in the ASUW offices in HUB 121 and 131.
o Work with the Office of Inclusive Design to install
accessible/appropriate lighting to all ASUW offices.
o Ensure all ASUW student employees can work in a hybrid
o Work with Personnel Director to revamp the employee
accommodations process so accommodation requests are sent to
DSO instead of being handled by a student employee.
o Support the HUB Board of Representatives in their initiative to
install power wheelchair charging stations.
 Office of Inclusive Design Director | June 2022 – Present
 Student Disability Commission Assistant Director | February 2022 –
June 2022
 Customer Experience Human Resources and Recruiting Intern @ T-
Mobile | June 2022 – September 2022
Organizational Memberships
 Provost Office Working Group: Future of Teaching & Learning
 Young Executives of Color (YEOC) Mentor
 First Year Interest Group (FIG) Leader

Ellis Andrew

My name is Ellis Andrews and I am excited to run for your Vice President! I am a Junior
studying Finance and Marketing at the Foster School of Business. I’ve lived in Seattle my whole
life and love the city and the surrounding sea and mountains. A fun fact about me is that I
climbed Mt. Rainier when I was 17! I joined ASUW in the Spring of 2022 and was really
inspired by the people working to improve student lives. However, I also saw room for
improvement. ASUW is the recipient of a large portion of student tuition and yet it is largely
unused and unknown by the greater student body. As Vice President I want to increase student
involvement and transparency in the organization.
As a student, I have witnessed firsthand sexual assaults, suicide crises, and students unable to
seek medical care because of cost. And I have discovered the lack of resources students have to
support themselves or their friends. The University of Washington has services, but they are not
enough. As your Vice President I will work on:
● Improving access to suicide crisis resources. Currently UW’s crisis center is only open
from 8-4 Monday-Fridays, with reduced hours on Tuesday. Mental health crises don’t
happen only within business hours and UW needs to improve access to resources.
● Having a SANE nurse in Hall Health. UW students deserve more options, education, and
prevention around sexual assault.
● Launching an exploratory committee into creating a student health insurance plan.
University of California schools provide a student healthcare plan, and it is appalling that
a globally ranked university cannot provide the same for its students. Students should
never be in a position where they cannot get the medical care they need because it is too
● Expanding student involvement with ASUW.

● Accredited Sexual Assault Advocate through Washington State Coalition of Sexual
Assault Programs (WCSAP).
● Campaign involvement at the congressional, state, and city level. This speaks to my
longtime passion for improving our community.
Organization Membership
● ASUW Senator to over 120 constituents, April 2022 – Present.
○ Legislative Steering Committee, October 2022 – December 2022.
● Kappa Delta Sorority
○ Greeks Take Action co-chair, January 2022 – Present.