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Board of Directors Candidates

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Francisco Dojenia

Esther Himmelfarb

Scott McDaniel-Rogers

Naomi Snow

Ahmad Abid

Isha Hussein


Bitaniya Giday

Calvin “C.J.” Emerson

Ricardo Colon-Galvez

Vice President

Nandana Jaideep

Amanda Pitts

Bitanya Getahun

Naomi Kuria


Henry Hess

Mischa Webber

Director of Internal Policy

Erick Jacobsen

In my first year at UW, and within student government, I have observed effective representation and governance as well as the shortcomings of ASUW. When dealing with an organization as old and extensive as ASUW, there are bound to be internal issues which require attention and change, and there are bound to be ways the bureaucracy can be streamlined or re-examined. Though I fully intend to adapt to changing needs of the future ASUW, I have crafted a five-point to guide my actions if elected. 

If I am elected to be your Director of Internal Policy, my five-point plan will involve: 

  1. The pursuit of comprehensive Bylaws reform to streamline the bureaucracy and simplify the structure for efficient operations, by creating a temporary Committee; 
  2. The creation of informational materials to aid Executive transitions and clarify the duties and powers of ASUW members and entities; 
  3. The consideration of establishing College and Departmental Student Associations for advocacy; 
  4. The establishment and maintenance of an ASUW informational and historical Wiki by creating a new Standing Committee; and 
  5. The formulation of internal strategy with the leadership of the Student Senate, setting achievable and measurable goals for the future. 

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  1. ASUW Senate Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee Vice Chair (Oct 2023 – Present) 
  2. ASUW Joint Commissions Committee Member & Senate Liaison (Oct 2023 – Present) 
  3. ASUW/RCSA Hall Senator/Councilor (Oct 2023 – Present) 
  4. TVHS Mock Trial Pre-Trial Attorney (Aug 2022 – Jun 2023) 
  5. TVHS Chess Club Engagement Specialist (Aug 2022 – Jun 2023) 

Organizational Membership:

  1. Associated Students of the University of Washington Senator
  2. Sen. Committee Vice Chair
  3. Senate-JCC Liaison 
  4. Residential Community Student Association
  5. Hall Councilor/Hall Caucus Member 
Zoe Stylianides

Hello UW! My name is Zoe Stylianides, and I am thrilled to be running for ASUW Director of Internal Policy. I am a junior majoring in political science and philosophy. UW is my home away from home, as I was born and raised in Cyprus, a little island in the Mediterranean Sea that no one’s heard of! I would come to Washington every summer though and love it here. I also love the TV show Suits, my 20-pound cat named Greg, and coffee. As the Director of Internal Policy, my role will be to keep track of ASUW records, understand the Constitution, Bylaws, and general procedures, as well as  chairing the Judicial Committee. I will be dedicated to hearing from a variety of voices and perspectives to enact positive reform of ASUW’s internal policies. 

Some of my top priorities if elected:  

  • Uniting the different entities of ASUW and increasing cooperation within the organization as a whole.  
  • Increasing the visibility of low-income students, first-generation students, and other voices to make ASUW more reflective of the diverse student body. 
  • Increasing voting to ensure that ASUW elections and the organization as a whole represents you and the UW community’s interests. Only 4% of students voted last year; I will change that by increasing voter outreach and student engagement.  

If elected, I’ll remain dedicated to making ASUW more collaborative and representative of you! I will carry out the role with compassion, determination, and integrity to make ASUW an organization you are proud of. 


  1. ASUW Student Senator (2024) 
  2. World Affairs Council, Global Leadership Exchange Intern (2024) 
  3. WA(09), Congressional Intern (2023) 
  4. HACK UW, Advocacy Director (2022-2023) 
Christian Flynn

Hey Dawgs, 

My name is Christian Flynn (he/him), a Junior studying Political Science, and I am very excited to be running to be your next Director of Internal Policy. Having entered UW directly from four years of student government experience, I wanted to take part in the bureaucratic workings of college leadership.  

To most students, ASUW has been an illusive organization. I want to bring this leadership into the light: ensuring all huskies know the capability to express their needs. Policy is the act of crafting, drafting, and implementing the actions for progress that you, the students of UW, want to see most. As your next ASUW Director of Internal Policy, I am committed to helping propose executive bills and pass legislation that all students want, regardless of their affiliation to ASUW Senate or ASUW entities.  

In my position, I plan to: 

  • Work towards automatically enrolling all UW students in ASUW. 
  • Directly work with the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) to ensure greater access to University resources and information. 
  • Streamline policy-accessibility for non-Senate UW undergraduate and graduate students through ASUW and GPSS. 
  • Revisit and pass legislation lost in the turnover of the academic calendar.  

Qualifications and Organizational Membership

  1. Recordskeeper and Community Relations: Trailside Student Living (June 2023-October 2023) 
  2. ASUW Student Senator: Oak Hall Student Liaison, Oversight Committee Member (January 2023-June 2023) 
  3. RCSA Hall Caucus Representative (January 2023-June 2023) 
  4. Henry M. Jackson High School Class of 2022 Treasurer (September 2018-June 2022) 

Paws 4 Progress! 

Max Franz-Knight

I believe that ASUW can be doing more than it currently is with the allocated budget, and I plan on working towards making sure that budget is used in ways the benefit the campus as a whole while also increasing engagement with the community. 


  1. Political Science major
  2. Ukraine Defense Support group in 2023
  3. Event Security 2022-2024 (Evil House) 
Michael Garcia

No platform statement submitted.

No qualifications or organizational membership listed.

Director of Campus Partnerships

Adam Skraban

Hello! My name is Adam Skraban (he/him) and I’m excited to run for your 2024-2025 Director of Campus Partnerships. I’m currently a Junior studying LSJ with a minor in Business Administration. A fun fact about me is that I’m an intermediate-level chef that loves to cook/bake for my friends. As for my role as Director of Campus Partnerships, my job includes working with organizations on and off campus to create synergy and to ensure student wellbeing is prioritized.  

As an LSJ major, I acknowledge the importance and need for strong legislation that is representative of the community’s needs. As your Director of Campus Partnerships I shall: 

  • Coordinate with the UW Administration to accelerate the “Resolution to Expedite the University of Washington’s Decarbonization Plan” to exponentially decrease our carbon footprint.  
  • Promote the wellbeing and mental health of UW students through actively-working with the Office of Student Health Relations (OSHR) to create designated zones of privacy to engage in mental health conversations.  
  • Work with UW Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Director of University Affairs to help launch their pilot program for Collegiate-Based EMS Agencies on UW Campuses  
  • Support the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) and make the campus community more aware of what they do.  

Vote Paws 4 Progress! 


  1. Family Law Court Appointed Special Advocate | January 2024 – Present  
  2. Din Tai Fung, Department Supervisor | December 2022 – Present  
  3. 100+ volunteer hours for the Snohomish Food Bank | June 2020 – May 2021 

Organizational Membership:  

  1. American Marketing Association, Member |  January 2024 – Present 
  2. Suno, Project Member | September 2023 – December 2023 
Maya Lukalapu

Hello Huskies! I’m Maya Lukalapu, a junior Informatics major and Bellevue College transfer, excited to announce my candidacy for Director of Campus Partnerships. This role is pivotal in fostering connections between ASUW and our vibrant campus communities, enhancing student resources, safety, and organizational transparency. A little about me is that my favorite book is “A Thousand Splendid Suns!” As your DCP, I will:  

  • Enhance mental health resources by exploring innovative counseling options such as peer counseling to ensure that students have diverse and accessible support. Furthermore, I will work with OSHR to prioritize bettering Hall health.   
  • Strengthen campus safety through advocating for increased funding for vital resources like Husky Night Walk and creating new safety initiatives, including the development of a safety app, to ensure a secure environment for all students. 
  • Advocating for transfer students by creating programs that foster their success, such as targeted advising and scholarship opportunities.  
  • Working with the Director of Programming and Director of Diversity Efforts to enhance accessibility for marginalized communities by partnering with representative RSOs.  

As an advocate directly impacted by the issues I’m addressing, they hold a special place in my heart. If elected, I am committed to diligently working towards implementing these changes and more on our campus. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to serve our community and make a meaningful difference! 

Community Service 

150 plus hours  

  • Camp Counselor at Camp Orkila  
  • TeenLink Mental Health Outreach Worker  
  • FIRST Robotics Volunteer 
  • Farmer Frog Volunteer 
  • Pineapple Classic 5K Marathon Volunteer 


  1. ASUW Board of Directors Coordinator (2023 – 2024)  
  2. ASUW Cosponsor for BOARD BILL 4.06 – The examination of creating the South Asian Student Commission(2023 – 2024) 
  3. ASG Bellevue College Emerging Technology Representative (2022 – 2023)  
  4. Justice Education Project Ambassador (2020 – 2022)  
  5. PSESD Leaders in Training – Superintendent Intern (2019) 

Organizational Membership:  

  1. MESH 
  2. WINFO 
  3. IUGA 
Sophia Tsai

Hi guys! My name is Sophia Tsai (she/her), and I am excited to run for the ASUW Director of Campus Partnerships! I am a junior studying Psychology, and I was born and raised in Taiwan. I am passionate about advocacy through ASUW, serving this year as ASUW Asian Student Commission Co-Director, helping to empower Asian/Asian American student voices on campus. Through the Director of Campus Partnerships role, I intend to advocate broadly for the betterment of the student body experience through strategic Campus Partnerships. As a future therapist, the opportunity to work with health-related organizations/departments on and around campus is an opportunity that I especially look forward to. Therefore, I think it would be a great opportunity for me to gain more health/mental health-related experience. 

As a student at UW and also a patient of psychology, it is apparent that the counseling resources that Husky Health/Wellbeing provides for mental health are often minimal and inaccessible. It pushes students too much to other resources from outside providers which isn’t always sustainable for students. During my term as Director of Campus Partnerships, I intend to improve and expand access to mental health services at Husky Health/Wellbeing and the UW Counseling Center. I would also like to advocate for a system of inclusion and aid for marginalized communities by cooperating with UWPD to create a non-police response system for mental health emergencies. Furthermore, I would also like to maintain relationships with existing partnerships and promote sustainability across the campus.  


  1. ASUW Asian Student Commission Co- Director (2023-present) 
  2. Asian Alliance for Mental Health – Community Outreach Officer  (2021-present) 
  3. Crisis Text Line – Crisis Counselor volunteer (2024 – present)  
  4. Zeta Tau Alpha Psi Chapter (UW) – Corresponding Secretary & Secretary Assistant (2021-2022) 
  5. New World English – Teaching Assistant (summer, 2022) 

Organizational Membership:  

  1. ASUW Member (2023-present) 
  2. Asian Alliance for Mental Health (2023-present) 
  3. Zeta Tau Alpha Psi Chapter (UW) member  (2023-present) 


Durva Patil

Director of University Affairs

Kim Ugaddan

Hello! My name is Kim Ugaddan and I am a junior double majoring in Political Science and LSJ. I am excited to run to be your Director of University Affairs! This role is responsible for connecting student needs to faculty and helping to convey campus legislative priorities to state reps. With my experience in community organization, advocacy and lobbying, I want to utilize my skills in these fields to serve all UW students. I hope to continue increasing ASUW’s reach to the greater student body to ensure transparency and inclusivity. 

As Director of University Affairs, I will: 

  • Work with OGR, Senate, and GPSS to brainstorm legislative goals.
  • Collaborate with the Office of Communications and Director of Community Relations to increase transparency with students about topics being discussed on UW Faculty Committees.
  • Create surveys to gather student concerns to ensure amplification of student voices to UW administration.
  • Advocate students’ needs to UW HFS and collaborate with the Director of Community Relations and RCSA to fully engage student opinions.
  • Advocate for funding for UW EMS’ collegiate based EMS pilot program to facilitate faster response times for students in medical emergencies (collab with OGR and Director of Campus Partnerships). 

Vote Paws 4 Progress! 


  1. Office & Overhead Coordinator for the 2022-2023 ASUW Board of Directors
  2. Assistant Director of the ASUW Office of Government Relations (OGR) for 2023-2024
  3. Legislative Fellow with the Alliance for Gun Responsibility (winter 2022)
  4. Constituent Services/Congressional Intern with the US House of Representatives (Congresswoman DelBene WA-01, summer 2023)
  5. 2024 Davis Wright Tremaine LLP Pre-Law Diversity Fellow Organizational

Organizational Membership:

  1. First Generation Leaders in Law (FGLL) 
  2. Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW) 
  3. Acts2Fellowship (A2F)
Andrew Stanfel

Hello UW! My name is Andrew Stanfel and I’m running to represent y’all as the Director of University Affairs. I’m a sophomore studying philosophy and history. I love playing rugby, spending time with my friends, and exploring Seattle. The role of the DUA is to represent students with faculty, administration, and state officials. If elected, I will ensure your voices are not just heard, but taken seriously. 

As DUA, 

  • I will focus on expanding campus counseling and mental health support.  I’ll fight to allocate funding to hire more counselors, work to remove barriers, and better advertise the availability of support.
  • Additionally, I’ll advocate for reductions in campus food costs, work to maintain cost-effective partnerships with off-campus organizations, and build a safety net so no student goes hungry.  
  • Study spaces are limited on campus. Whether it’s increasing library and hall hours or getting funding to build new spaces, I’ll work with the administration to maintain, expand, and create spaces for all of you to get things done. 

My goal as DUA is to put the power back into your hands. I’d be honored to be your pick for DUA and I’m ready to get to work! 


  1. Programming Intern for the ASUW Office of Government Relations (2023-2024) 
  2. ASUW Student Senator (2023-2024) 
  3. Board Member for Montana Youth Action (2021-2022) 
  4. Treasurer for Helena High Mock Trial (2021-2022) 
  5. Treasurer for Helena High Gender/Sexuality Alliance (2021-2022) 

Organizational Membership: 

  1. Husky Rugby Club (2022-2024) 
Rohini Kilaru

A common issue that I’ve noticed throughout my years of involvement in ASUW is that many students lack knowledge about advocacy at the administrative level. I believe that the Director of University Affairs position is the key bridge between ASUW and University Administration yet needs a systematic reform of its operations to better serve UW students and ASUW. 

My main goal while serving in this position is to ensure the representation of as many student needs as possible at the University level. That’s why I want to focus on providing an avenue for widespread student involvement to represent the student body’s needs through my position, the faculty council student representatives, and the University Agenda. 

As such, my 4 main plans as Director of University Affairs are: 

  1. Researching student needs year-round to better understand the pressing issues that UW students encounter including but not limited to campus safety, food insecurity, and limited financial aid – and then advocating for potential policies to University Administration;
  2. Appointing and coordinating regularly with knowledgeable student representatives to Faculty Councils and Senate;
  3. Reviving, reforming, and refining the University Agenda, the key to student advocacy to UW administration and faculty, to form a new tradition of amplifying student voices at the highest level;
  4. Increasing awareness of the decisions made by faculty and administration to the student body through social media, town halls, and other platforms, through collaboration with the Director of Programming and ASUW Office of Communications 

Vote for the People’s Voice Ticket!



  1. ASUW Senate Speaker (2023-Present) 
  2. ASUW Senate Committee of Resolution Follow Up Chair (2022-2023) 
  3. ASUW Steering Liaison to the Constitutional Reform Taskforce (2023-2024) 
  4. ASUW Senate Liaison to the First Year Experience Student Advisory Council (2021-2022) 
  5. 350+ hours of volunteering 

Organizational Membership: 

  1. ASUW Senate Speaker (2023-Present) 
  2. ASUW Senate (2021 – Present) 
  3. HCASB Participant (2021-Present) 
Isatou Barrow

I am dedicated to creating a safe environment for everyone on campus. My vision is rooted in inclusivity, accessibility, and empowerment. I pledge to amplify the voices of all students, ensuring that diverse perspectives are not only heard but actively valued in all decision-making processes. Together, we will work tirelessly to enhance access to resources, including mental health support and academic accommodations, for every member of our community. Sustainability will be a cornerstone of our efforts, as we strive to implement eco-friendly practices across campus. Through collaboration and advocacy, we’ll cultivate a vibrant and inclusive campus environment where every student feels supported and included. I am committed to serving with integrity, dedication, and a relentless focus on promoting fairness, equity, and opportunity for all members of our university community. Let’s embark on this journey together towards a brighter and more inclusive future for our campus.

Organizational Membership:

  1. Engineering without borders 
  2. AVELA Black Student Union 
  3. African’s in medicine 
  4. African Student Association 

Director of Diversity Efforts

Aisha Bility

“It’s good to see you.” A greeting I’m sure we are all familiar with. A greeting often said with an emphasis on formality and an absence of thought. Though, even with the notion of sight, are the landscapes of students at this institution really being seen? Each deep thought stems from deep roots, and I have found the stories of our disadvantaged communities constantly buried in unspeakable manners. From a disregard for the safety of those who identify themselves with a certain religion to threats and crimes against the marginalized populace, as a black woman who grew up in an Islamic household, I am often disgusted by the lack of representation for those across campus who need it most. It is important that we ensure inclusion and diversity are clearly at the forefront of our values and that these issues are appropriately addressed; it is a must that the underrepresented feel comfortable making the decisions that could largely impact the world tomorrow. As the director of diversity efforts, I will continue to protect and promote these communities that deserve a voice so the next time they hear that usual greeting, they have the grounds to feel “good to be seen.” 


  1. Served as an historian and publicity liaison for the National Honors Society in 2021
Maria Freeman

Hi Huskies! I’m Maria Freeman (she/her/ella) and I’m running for Director of Diversity Efforts to better amplify student perspectives at UW.  

Intersectionality and inclusion is at the heart of my lived experiences. Growing up throughout Asia as an Ecuadorian-American and then moving to America for university enlightened additional dimensions to discourse around diversity. Inspired by this dialogue, I utilised UW’s resources to explore the depths of my own identity. I grew comfortable with myself in being queer and neurodiverse, the latter of which I’m proud to be accommodated for through DRS.   

That being said, the illuminating path of self-discovery at UW is dimly lit in terms of resource visibility. As your Director of Diversity Efforts,  I pledge to enhance visibility and outreach to increase the accessibility of ASUW’s underutilised resources for affiliation groups to the larger student body. 

 In addition to performing the role’s duties to my best ability,  I’ll initiate the following policies :  

  • Streamlining communication channels and clarifying planned outreach efforts within/between ASUW diversity commissions.  
  • Advocate for the creation of an International Student Commission.  
  • Introduce multilingual marketing to increase accessibility to ASUW for multilingual and bilingual students.  
  • Implement intersectionality standards across and amongst commissions. 

Vote Paws 4 Progress! 


  1. Intern & Analyst, TCW – Investment Management, Emerging Markets division 
  2. Organiser, First annual Pride Parade in the international school community,  Beijing, China  

Organizational Membership: 

  1. Career Prep Fellow for Management Leadership for Tomorrow, a leadership skills development program for underrepresented communities 
  2. Girls Who Invest alumnus, a professional development intensive designed to increase representation of women within the asset management industry  
  3. Member in Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) UW chapter, elected into 22’ Operations subcommittee and 23’ Professional Development subcommittee 
Lydia Berhanu

Hey Huskies! My name is Lydia Berhanu, and I’m thrilled to be considered for the Director of Diversity Efforts position. I am currently a second-year studying Law, Societies, and Justice as well as Informatics. In my free time, I enjoy binge-watching Modern Family, overindulging in Bigfoot Java drinks (true Washingtonian), and shopping, as I’m the biggest shopaholic. In this position, I serve as the nexus for inter-commission collaboration, jointly working with campus entities to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) while serving as a liaison and advocate for marginalized communities at UW. I am passionate about creating an equitable educational experience on campus, which entails providing solutions to existing disparities faced by students. 

My top priorities include: 

  • Addressing housing instability for underrepresented and marginalized communities on campus, especially students who face homelessnes, by collaborating with local shelters 
  • Establishing a data center covering accessibility barriers, enrollment rates, and faculty hirings on campus to promote diversity and foster transparency  
  • Utilizing the untouched ASUW fund to create collaborative programming between identity-based commissions to further promote unity  
  • Working with the Director of Programming to create and foster multicultural events for BIPOC students to enjoy campus life 

As a first-generation Ethiopian, I understand the feeling of being unseen or heard. This personal insight fuels my commitment to amplifying the voices often silenced. My mission is to ensure that oppressed communities are recognized and connected with the resources available on campus, creating an inclusive environment where every student feels empowered. 


  1. ASUW Office Coordinator (2023-2024) 
  2. ASUW Office of Government Relations Communication Intern (2022-2023) 
  3. Refugee Resettlement Intern – International Rescue Committee (2023-2024) 
  4. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Fellow – Davis Wright Tremaine LLP (2024) 
  5. Legal Assistant – King County Bar Association Neighborhood Legal Clinic (2023-2024) 
Ibrahim Alageel

During most of my time here at UW, I have been involved with ASUW. Initially, I got involved as a student senator; nonetheless, my passion for representation nurtured. Henceforth, I have been interning at the Middle Eastern Student Commission, where I share various elements with constituents. Coupled with my time as the Vice-Chair of the off-campus committee at the ASUW Senate, I wish to elevate my path within ASUW and ensure adequate representation of the student body. 

Aligning with the mission statement of the University Honors Program of engaging a diverse population of students through an interdisciplinary curriculum that promotes global citizenship, an interdisciplinary perspective is vital for diversity efforts. Integrating a culmination of my current leadership positions, past experiences, and the various perspectives of my peers, this approach will allow me to excel in this position. 

Policy Ideas: 

  1. Conduct research into the commissions to determine equitable distribution of resources to RSO’s, whilst also ensuring there is no underrepresentation of certain student groups on campus in commissions.  
  2. The UW is home to over 8,000 international students representing more than 100 countries. Making up approximately 20% of our student body, I believe international students should have their own commission within ASUW. 
  3. Collaborate with the Center for International Relations and Cultural Leadership Exchange (CIRCLE) to create spaces unifying greater involvement of international students. 
  4. Conduct surveys and contact constituents of commissions to make study abroad more appealing, whether that is adding destinations or making it more feasible. 
  5. The UW is home to over 8,000 international students representing more than 100 countries. Making up approximately 20% of our student body, I believe international students should have their own commission within ASUW through reforming the OISA into one. 


  1. President of the Arabian Youth Society (2024-Present) 
  2. Vice-Chair of the off-campus committee (2023-Present) 
  3. Intern at MESC (2023-Present) 
  4. Senator at ASUW Senate (2023-Present) 
  5. Chair of Cultural and Social Affairs for the Saudi Student Association (2023- Present) 

Organizational Memberships: 

  1. Montlake Consulting Group (2024- Present) 
  2. Arabian Youth Society (2024-Present) 
  3. ASUW Senate (2023-Present) 
  4. MESC (2023-Present) 
  5. Saudi Student Association (2023- Present) 


Sage McDaniel

Director of Programming

Sejal Kaur Antal

Hey Dawgs!  

My name is Sejal Antal (she/her), and I’m excited to share my candidacy for ASUW Director of Programming! I’m majoring in International Studies with a minor in Human Rights. I was raised in Vancouver, WA, and I am a first-generation university student. My favorite city is San Francisco, and I love a good matcha.  

Being involved in several committees within the Jackson School has inspired me to engage deeply with diverse perspectives, fostering a vibrant academic community committed to addressing systemic challenges and advancing collaboration across all fields of study. Throughout my time in this position, I’ll serve as a liaison to RSOs, the Student Food Cooperative, and the Office of Inclusive Design. Along with supervising and organizing all general and collaborative programming initiatives within ASUW.  

As Director of Programming, I plan to: 

  • Organize an RSO Leaders Summit to facilitate collaboration among student organizations, provide insight into ASUW and campus resources, and address pertinent issues concerning all RSOs.
  • Conduct workshops for RSO members to enhance their understanding of marketing and outreach strategies, how to obtain funding and leadership development.
  • Promote engagement with the Student Food Cooperative to advance sustainable food systems and nurture a community that embraces ethical practices. 

Vote Paws4Progress! 


  • Director of Academics for the Jackson School Student Association | March 2023 – Present 
  • Special Programs Intern for the Clark County Volunteer Lawyers Program | June 2023 – September 2023 
  • UW Annual Dean’s List Recipient | 2022 – Present  

Organizational Membership: 

  • House Bill 1470 Implementation Committee – La Resistencia | January 2024 – Present 
  • Student Representative on the Jackson School Steering Committee | October 2023 – Present 
Peyton Sax

Hello Huskies! My name is Peyton Sax, and I am running for Director of Programming. As DOP, I will serve as a liaison for all RSOs here on campus.  My top priority is to establish a greater sense of Husky community, pride, and connection here at UW. As a third-year communications student, I have witnessed the impact of having a strong and supportive pack behind you. With over 1000 RSOs, we can work together to create a unified dawg pack.  

As your Director of Programming, I will:  

  • Establish a UW Community Summit to showcase talents, initiatives, and contributions of RSOs, RCSA, Greek Chapters, and other student groups, fostering greater connections on campus 
  • Collaborate with the Director of Diversity Efforts to help empower, uplift, and partner with multicultural student organizations to provide support and promote diversity through events and discussions
  • Enhance the accessibility of  ASUW resources while simultaneously expanding the reach and cater to the diverse needs of the student body 
  • Partner with RSOs to organize inclusive and entertaining events that celebrate our diverse community, helping foster a sense of belonging for all students.  

I promise that if elected, I will help create and foster a new wave of collaborative community. Thank you for your consideration. Remember, Go for the max and vote Sax!! 


  1. Director of Social Events for Kappa Delta 
  2. Director of Membership Retention for Kappa Delta
  3. Engagement Lead for First Onsite 
  4. People Development Project Coordinator for First Onsite  
  5. Board of Directors for  Husky Plungers (our amazing UW Polar Plunge club)  

Director of Community Relations

Rawan Al Ekaili

I’m Rawan Al Ekaili (she/her) and beyond excited to be running for Director of Community Relations, a job serving to create better experiences for others where mine lacked: community. Spending my first year as a commuter student was filled with struggle; to find a major, friends, place to take a nap, and sense of belonging on campus. My second year has been filled with passion to understand firsthand from people in every corner of campus what it is they need to excel. UW houses untapped potential to produce boundless opportunities, albeit them being buried under barriers. I’ll strive to bridge the disconnected students, and intersect the many isolated entities, to revamp what it FEELS like to be a UW student.  

Priorities include:  

  • Bring ASUW’s focus of community and safety to the forefront of HFS and RCSA, bringing a greater sense of accountability to student needs and concerns. 
  • Pushing to highlight events and spaces for commuter and transfer students to have community on campus. 
  • Bridging connections between the Multicultural Greek Council, Panhellenic and IFC Council, helping to lower the barriers of involvement between these communities and the greater student population, encouraging campus unity. 

Vote Paws 4 Progress!  


  1. Vice President of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging at Alpha Chi Omega (2023-present) 
  2. Henry M Jackson Highschool Executive Student Body President (April 2021-June 2022)  
  3. Class of 2022 Public Relations & Activities Coordinator Officer (September 2018- June 2021) 
  4. Everett Public Schools Foundation Board Member (September 2019-June 2022), founder of the EPSF’s Diversity Committee  
  5. Leadership Counselor at Mount Triumph, Assoc. Of Washington Student Leaders (June 2022- present) 

Organizational Membership 

  1. Member of Panhellenic EIDB Committee (2024) 
  2. Member of Arab Student Association (2022-present) 
  3. Member of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority (2023-present) 
  4. Member of UW Medlife (2023-present) 
Aiden Reeder

Throughout my time representing student voices as a Senator in ASUW, I’ve been made aware of an issue affecting practically every demographic of students; a lack of knowledge about ASUW itself and how one can get involved. Opportunities to work with ASUW are vital to the UW experience and as such I will endeavor to provide them. I intend to partner closely with communities like RCSA, transfer students, and the Greek Councils to increase awareness of ASUW and its advocacy. It is imperative that together we bridge this gap to provide student representation on all levels of the university. To ensurestudent voices are heard, my policy goals will be; 

  1. Collaborating with First-Year Programs to increase involvement of incoming students. 
  2. Collaborate with Circle and OISA to advocate for international students’ interests here on campus. 
  3. Have further discussions with Greek life leaders to remain informed on how ASUW as an organization can better serve this community. 
  4. Gather student opinion of HFS in conjunction with the RCSA executive board to determine what actions would best support student interests. 
  5. Looking into student participation within each community to confirm that their leadership are providing opportunities for student input and interest. 

Vote for the People’s Voice Ticket!



  1. ASUW Senator (2023-Present) 
  2. Vice Chair of the Senate Oversight Committee (2023-2024) 
  3. Senior Patrol Leader for Scout Troop 1540 (2020-2022) 
  4. Central Kitsap High School Wind Ensemble Leadership (2022-2023) 
  5. Senate Liaison to Constitutional Reform Task Force (2023-2024) 

Organization Membership 

  1. ASUW (2023-2024) 
  2. Scouts of America (2016-2023) 
  3. Central Kitsap High School Wind Ensemble and Marching Band (2020-2023) 
  4. Central Kitsap High School Theater (2022-2023) 
  5. Interactive Intelligence at UW (2023-2024) 


Tam Tran

Platform Guide

The purpose of your platform is to be a summary of your mission if you were to be elected as a member of the Board—why you are running for office, what you aim to achieve during your time, and what has prepared you to take on the position. This is NOT a place to make accusations or attack your opponents or other members of the UW community. 

The EAC retains the right to reject your platform statement for violating any of the rules listed below, and you will be asked to resubmit with edits made. 

Your submission should include: 

  1. Your preferred name; 
  2. Academic year (i.e. freshman, sophomore, 1st-year graduate); 
  3. Major(s) or Intended Major(s); 
  4. Up to 5 qualifications including but not limited to previous experience, offices held, or committees served on (no longer than 15 words each) listed on the Candidate Filing Form; 
  5. Community service work (no longer than 50 words); 
  6. An optional platform statement (no longer than 150 words) 
  7. An optional black and white photo, 300 dpi jpg file 

Submissions should be sent via your UW NetID email to asuweac@uw.edu by the Candidate Filing Deadline, and any required resubmissions must be filed by Friday, March 8th, 2024, at 5:00 pm. Please title the subject of your email “[First Name, Last Name] – Candidate Platform”