Elections Administration Committee

Candidate Platform Guidelines


Platform Information and Formatting

Due Date:

Platforms for candidates must be submitted by the Candidacy Filing Deadline

  • (March 6th , 2020 at 5:00pm)

Platforms for ballot measures must be submitted by the Ballot Measure Advocate Filing Deadline

  • (March 6th , 2020 at 5:00pm)


The content of a platform may include an official stance on a University or community issue, goals for the office of a particular position on the Board of Directors, and opinions regarding the internal operations of the ASUW. In the past, strong platforms have included tangible goals or changes for the association. As described in Section IV of the EPP, tickets are not recognized by the EAC or ASUW in any fashion because they have been identified as a barrier to elections access and fairness. Please refrain from making references to tickets or associations between candidates in your platform, image, or statement as it will be rejected and you will be asked to re-submit within 24 hours of notice via email. Failure to submit within this timeline will result in a blank section in the Voter’s Guide. Refer to Section IV of the EPP for more information.

Word Limits

The following word limits are enforced for platforms in the Voter’s Guide: Candidates for the office of President: 400 words.

Candidates for the office of Vice President: 300 words.

Candidates for any other position: 200 words.

Ballot Measures and Initiatives: 150 words.


Platforms should be saved as Word documents without special formatting. Clearly indicate your first and last name and the office for which you are running.


One digital black and white, passport quality photograph may be included for the Voter’s Guide. Save the image as the highest quality 300dpi, jpg file. Digital photographs that do not meet these requirements will not be used.

Platform Submission

Platforms should be submitted by email to SAO Advisor Christina Coop at cmcoop@uw.edu